CLIENT SPOTLIGHT | Before & After – Photo Guide


🔥CLIENT SPOTLIGHT & Before & After✅ 

Before & After
Before & After

✅ In honor of Father’s Day, I selected a few Fathers who have experienced great results with my program. What I love about this is these men are not only creating better lives for themselves but they are truly creating a legacy that they can pass down to their kids and generations to come!

Before & After
Before & After

Stunning weight loss results

Before & After
Before & After

🚨 Training Program for the Week

Weeks 1-3
Quads/GlutesLeg Press115
HamstringsLying Leg Curl115
Upper BackSeated Cable Row115
ChestFlat Bench Press115
ShouldersDumbbell Press115
TrapsDumbbell shrug115
BicepsBarbell curl115
Lower BackBack extension115
CalvesStanding calf raise115
ForearmsBarbell wrist curl115


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