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Chest Blast Options | Video & Guide

🔥 Chest Blast Implementation Options UPPER CHEST  🎯 We pump the upper part of the pectoral muscles 🚨 Incline Flyes Muscle flyes is great for working on the upper chest Lower Chest  🎯 We...

Abdominal Complex-Reverse Twists | Exercise Videos & Guides

Performing reverse twists - emphasis on the bottom of the press Back twisting is one of the most effective exercises for working out the bottom...

Best abdominal exercises & Ab Muscle-Building

Double twisting - we train the complex Today we will consider in the article how to train the abdominal muscles by accentuating attention to the...

How to Make Biceps Peak | Exercise Videos & Guides

Today We'r make Huge Biceps Peak Biceps - is one of those muscle groups, the development of which athletes in bodybuilding pay the most attention....

💪Exercises for Every Part of the Chest | Videos & Guides

🚨 Exercise of the upper chest 👇 To pump up the chest, you need to study 6 exercises: Bench bar from different angles. Dumbbell flys at an...

🔥Peak Pecs Chest WORKOUT

🚨 Peak Pecs Chest WORKOUT 👇 Incline Bench Press Proper Form 🎯Target Muscles: Upper Chest, Front Delts , Triceps 3 Things to Avoid: ❌Bar & Barbbell Over Mid Chest ❌Not Getting...


🚨REVERSE FOREARM CURL Along with the biceps and triceps, a truly athletic view of the male hands is attached to the powerful forearms. Muscles of...

Shoulder Day & Dumbbell Press | Videos & Guides

✅DOUBLE TAP & Shoulder Day & Dumbbell Press Muscular atlas Dumbbell Press Dumbbell presses standing - conditionally the basic exercise on the shoulders, at once "catching" the...

🔥Six Pack Bicpes Exercises | Guide

🔥 Six Pack Bicpes Exercises 🔥 BICEPS DUMBBELL CURL  ✅This exercise is the most popular for biceps muscles. There are several variations - can be performed with...

3 Tips To Grow Your Shoulders | Video

🔥3 Tips To Grow Your Shoulders👇 ✅All isolation movements require that you lead with your elbow and not your hand in order to best isolate...



The Overhead Press

4 Exercises in 3 Series

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