Tuesday, August 20, 2019

correctness of the exercise

correctness of the exercise Do the exercises as shown in the picture for the most effective result

5 calf toning exercises

5 calf toning exercises repeat it from above pic, and save it if usefull !

30 Minutes to weight loss

30 Minutes to weight loss! What you'll burn in 30 minutes  (155-lb person) !

How to Correctly Deadlift | Proper Technique

The fulfillment of deadlift, its differences from the Romanian and from the classical deadlift, sumo deadlift! Now our cool workouts you can watch in the...

Complex of exercises!

Warm up 7 min cap 3 rounds 10 push press 20 box step-ups 10 med ball clean WOD 25 min cap 5 rounds Row 400m 20 kipping...

🚨TOP Exercises To Build Big Legs👇

🔥 TOP Exercises To Build Big Legs ✅ No matter how great you look from the waist up, neglecting the development of your legs will ultimately make...

Tips To Grow Your Chest | Video & Guide

🚨Tips To Grow Your Chest 🚨 ✅Perform Working Set Until Failure ✅After Failure, Continue With "Pulses" If you perform a dumbbell press in the lying position on a...

Armpit fat Workout Routine

Armpit fat Workout Routine It’s super effective and so much fun! Like and save this so you can find it later when you need it. You can...

Weight loss training abdominal

Exercise for the abdominal "fold" - variations on the floor and on the bench! Quite complex and effective exercise on the entire rectus abdominis muscle...

Exercises following the picture

Exercise for Women ! Study the exercises following the picture above!