Saturday, March 23, 2019

Booty Building Workouts

3 Set x 10 Reps for Each exercises  - repeat, and save it if usefull !

V-cut ABS workout

V-cut ABS workout lying leg raise 45 second reverse crunch handing leg raise 45 second v hold bench ab v-ups ball leg lift

Warming-up the upper-body with Hip Band

With a simple Hip Band you can stretch the whole body well Elastic Hip Band is found in almost every gym. If you prefer to...

Сorrectnes Сhest Exercises | Correct Grab the Barbell

Exercise Bench Press is one of the three basic in bodybuilding and powerlifting. And although I have very big doubts about the effectiveness of...

How to Overhand Rows | Exercise Videos & Guides

All about the pull to the waist barbell Overhand Rows - we rock our back in full! The best exercise for the back is the...


🔥TRY THIS COMPLETE BICEPS WORKOUT💪 ✖️ GOAL: BIG BICEPS 💪 ✖️ TIME: 70-90minutes ⏱ ✅ I chose the weights i’m using based on the weights I used...

Exercise restorative II

Exercise restorative II 30 x Squats 2x20 Side Crunches 10 Burpees 50 Reverse Crunches 2x20 Mason Twists 30 Scissor Kicks

ABS workout 6

How to Wide Dumbbell Curls Proper Form

Biceps is a small muscle - that is responsible for flexion, extensor and rotating functions. It consists of several parts - the external and...

Plank exercise !

Plank exercise! -Stabilization side plank from knees -Stabilization side plank from feet