Tuesday, August 20, 2019


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Workout on crossbeam

Workout on crossbeam!

The correct technique for carrying out the vaccum!

The correct technique for carrying out the vaccum! Since the vacuum for the press is primarily a breathing exercise, the correct technique of its implementation...


🔥 SIX PACK ABDOMINAL WORKOUT 🚨 3 Exercises To Help You Develop Those Stubborn Lower Abs ✅ Lots of people trying to get the six-pack look have mostly succeeded...

🔥The Best Natural Way To Lose Belly Fat

💥The Best Natural Way To Lose Belly Fat 🔥 8 Simple Exercises to Burn Belly Fat 🔥1. Genie abs Sit down on your butt only. Put your hands...

Lying leg curl and right leg curl

Lying leg curl ✅ and ❌ Do the exercises as shown in the picture for the most effective result!  

🔥How to Steps to Small Waist

🚨 How to Steps to Small Waist ✅ Learn how to get a small waist and flat stomach with these Easy Steps, You can reach...

Love your Legs!

Love your Legs! Reverse Lunge & Press Crescent Lunge Leg Adduction Side slimmer Toe Bridge Single Leg Bridge

🚨Glute Activation Drills

💪🏻 Do glute activation drills help? ✳️ This is a common trend now days to activate your glutes before your workout to make sure they’re firing. But...

Behind the neck press

Behind the neck press Similar to behind the neck lat pulldown we have the behind the neck press, is there any benefit to it and...

🍑21 Day Butt Lift Challenge

🔥 21 Day Butt Lift Challenge (Wider Hips & Big Glutes) This 21 day challenge will target all of the muscles around your glutes, which involves your...