Wednesday, February 20, 2019


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PULL WORKOUT 💥 I saw that you guys liked the previous leg workout post, so I decided to another one giving a pull workout example. If...

Lower Belly Workout!

Lower Belly Workout! Hit that gym today! SAVE it yourself

📚 A Perfect Starter Workout for Weight Loss!

📚 HOW TO SAFELY/HEALTHILY LOST FAST FAST If you want to learn how to lose fat fast without sacrificing muscle, hinder metabolism or health this...

The correct technique for carrying out the vaccum!

The correct technique for carrying out the vaccum! Since the vacuum for the press is primarily a breathing exercise, the correct technique of its implementation...

Best exercises for the chest !

Best exercises for the chest! Since the breast is a large muscle, its mass is best increased by training for hypertrophy with a constant increase...

Breast workout!

Breast workout! The best exercises for the muscles of the chest. Most exercises for pectoral muscles can be performed with dumbbells, or with a barbell. Dumbbells...

Chest exercises

Chest exercises! Thoracic muscles are divided into large and small. The large pectoral muscle has a triangular shape and is weaved by one of the...

We improve our pectoral muscles

We improve our pectoral muscles! To improve pectoral muscles perform these exercises Why one should perform chest workout! Training of the musculature of the breast is considered...

Massive pecs chest sculpting workout

Massive pecs chest sculpting workout! Repeat these exercises for maximum effect from above pics, for your chest !

Strenght training for the chest!

Strenght training for the chest! Repeat this exercises !