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5 Exercises with Kettlebell | Arm & back exercises

Exercises with Kettlebell : COMPLEX on all muscle groups! Exercises with Kettlebell - a very convenient option for beginners, especially if you do at home....

Bent over row

Target: back muscles and biceps How to do a bent over row correctly: Bend forward at the waist, keeping your chest high. Bend your knees...

example: how do a jerk

How to properly make a jerk, shown in the picture, even in the home conditions!

Сorrect exercises: Leg press

How correct exercises: Leg press Target: thighs and buttocks How to do a leg press correctly: Start with your knees bent at no more than 90 degrees. Straighten your legs by...

Back Workout Fitness Chart

How correct exercises: Back Workout Fitness Chart!

Crossfit exercises

Crossfit exercises: Snatch and Clean Jerk 

Muscles Of Lower Back – Human Anatomy Chart

Сorrect exercises: Muscles Of Lower Back - Human Anatomy Chart

Clean and Jerk Clinic — CrossFit

How correct execute:  Clean and Jerk Clinic — CrossFit  

Сorrect exercises: Leg lifts

Target: abs, hip flexors How to do leg lifts correctly: Don't flatten your lower back against the surface – maintain its natural curve. Keep your head and shoulders pressed against...

Сorrect exercises: thighs and buttocks

Lunges Target: thighs and buttocks How to do a lunge correctly: Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about 90...



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