🔥 Features of pumping shoulders to ground

The muscles of the shoulders are called “deltoid muscles” and consist of 3 beams – anterior, middle and posterior. The development of each of these beams determines the development and appearance of your shoulders. However, you should not immediately begin to download each of them specialized. At the initial stage of your workouts, you need to download a lot of all 3 beams in one workout. In the future, you can use specialized programs to work out individual beams.

💥 So, we formulate the basic basic principles of shoulder training to the mass:

  1. Effective weight training should be high-intensity, i.e. heavy, and be performed with a large working weight and an average number of repetitions;
  2. Training should include 1-2 basic and 1-2 isolated exercises;
  3. Basic exercises are performed with a maximum working weight of 3 sets of 6-8 reps;
  4. Isolated exercises are performed with a small working weight, perfect technique and in the amount of 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions;
  5. At the end of the workout, stretching the working muscles follows;
  6. After the end of the workout, protein + creatine should be taken.

🔥 Deltoid Growth 

💥 When performing overhead pressing movements, such as a military press, grip width does make a difference!
✅ If you use a close grip, you are going to put more focus on the anterior (front) deltoids.
🔑 If you use a wider grip, you are going target the lateral deltoids because you have greater shoulder abduction, such as doing a lateral dumbbell raise. A wider grip will also require more involvement of the traps

Deltoid Growth 
Deltoid Growth

🔥Weight training program shoulders on week training program!

Based on the above principles, we will create the right training program for the mass of the shoulders.

Army Press 3 6
Dumbbell bench press sitting 3 8
Flys dumbbells in Sides 3 12
Flys dumbbells in Sides on the Slope 3 15
Training program shoulders
Training program shoulders

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