Monday, January 21, 2019

Youtube Weigh Loss

Youtube Weigh Loss video with more photo from


  UPGRADE YOUR KETTLEBELL SWINGS! A common mistake we see during kettlebell swings is people lowering the bell too low during the backswing. Сoach came up...

Weight loss exercises video!

Weight loss exercises photo people who is change ! Training programs for weight loss!    

Exercises for Slim Legs | Training Exercises

Exercises for slim legs Consider several exercises for girls, for slim legs Repeat this set of exercises for shapely legs, so you can dress and walk...

Weight loss in pictures all people in one video

Weight loss in pictures all people in one video! PART 1  

How to “Frog Press” | Exercise for ABS & Video

"Frog" for the press - a technique for "Frog Press" exercises Frog pull-ups or "frog exercise" is one of the types of twists on the...

Overkill ABS workout

We train the addominal in a complex way. Do it 8 exercises with pics! We examine one of the options for training the abdominal muscles and...


Newest progress pic of me

Newest progress pic of me


🚨Build a Booty for Women 

stable squat

stable squat