Weight Loss success stories


before and after success stories!

Weight Loss success stories

Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from excess weight not so much physically as morally. And it’s very hard for them to pull themselves together, they do not know what to do, where to start. On our website you will find stories of people who were able to crucially lose weight, and their real tips that will help other full people take their lives under control and change themselves for the better.

Signe Heffernan, lost weight in 12 weeks and dropped 5 kg!

“I started with walking, I went home from work 5.5 km. I did this for six months and gradually switched to healthy food: I ruled out sugar, all processed foods. Then a year went to the gym from 3 to 5 times a week, where she began weight training under the guidance of a personal trainer.

Start small: Build your schedule, first do what is in your power, as I have in the beginning, when a longer ride the bus and began to walk home on foot. Lose weight with new habits that will become part of your everyday life, not forgetting to gradually move to a healthy diet and gradually start to play sports. Constantly set new goals in order to spur the process of improving oneself. “

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