How to Six-Pack Abs Workout: Types, Benefits & Training Guide

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How to Do Six-Pack Abs Workout

Today we will review 6 Best Six-Pack Abs Workout.

How to Do Six-Pack Abs Workout
Training Six-pack workout


A flat stomach without excess fat and with embossed muscles always adorned a man. The female ideal of beauty has also gone from magnificent forms to a perfect body with a relief press. The abdominal muscles also play an important role in stabilizing the entire top of your body, and unloads your spine from unnecessary load.

Benefits of Six-Pack Abs Workout

  1. The muscles of the abs are not only an attractive component of a healthy and active person, but also play an important role in stabilizing the entire upper part of our body.
  2. The press muscles hold the spine and stabilize the lower back during all types of exercise.
  3. Strengthening the sic-pack abs muscles, we improve the digestive system, and also prevent the stomach from stretching.
  4. Exercising core muscles improves athletic performance in many sports

How to pump six-pack abs workout?

  • In order for the cubes to appear on the stomach, it is not enough to perform exercises for pump abs, you must also adhere to a diet where you must eliminate sugar content, flour, and remove all fatty foods from your diet.
  • With a decrease in subcutaneous fat, and this is about 1 cm, you can see the cherished “cubes” on your stomach.
  • It must be remembered that locally it is impossible to pump the press and thereby burn the locally fat.
  • The weight and total percentage of adipose tissue will go away gradually and evenly throughout the body.

That is, a diet combined with training. To all this, it is desirable to add the right sports nutrition.

How much can you pump the press with six-pack abs workout?

The answer will depend on your body weight and body fat. The process can take from 1 month to 1 year, sometimes more.

Abdominal exercises come in many variations. For pumping abdominal muscles, you needed basic or general exercises that will harmoniously develop the abs muscle. We have chosen some of the most effective and affordable exercises.

1. The Bicycle Abs

how to do bicycle crunch
how to bicycle crunch exercises


An effective six-pack abs and safe back exercise. The basic rule is the same – do not tear your lower back from the floor.

2. Raising the legs on the horizontal bar

How to Do Ab Leg Raise
Ab Leg Raise workout

Training the press on the horizontal bar allows you to work out all the muscles of the press without endangering the spine.

3. Ab Twisting Legs on Crossbar

It is one of six-pack abs workout. Take a grip on the crossbar and hanging, bend your knees, and raise to the level of the abdomen. At the same time, lifting is done only due to the muscles of the abs, without swaying and other things.

Six-Pack Abs Workout- Twisting Legs on Crossbar
Ab Twisting Legs on Crossbar Exercises


Hold in position until burning in the ab. In the following approaches, lift your knees to your chest and chin level.

Raise legs on the crossbar

This is a basic complex six-pack abs workout for those who want to pump up the press on the horizontal bar. Slowly raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and lower them as slowly.

Corner on the crossbar

It is performed as raising legs in a hang on the horizontal bar, but with fixing the extreme position to failure. To perform such an exercise, you first need to master the lifting of the legs in the hang on the crossbar.

Side twisting 

Pumping oblique muscles of the abdomen. It is performed as raising legs in a hang on the horizontal bar, but not in front of you, but left and right.

4. Ab Roller

If you want to spend money on a press simulator, then an ab roller will be the most rational purchase. Low price, simplicity of design, small size, efficiency, we recommend.

Six-Pack Abs Workout - Ab Roller
Ab Roller workout

Many fitness sites share a six-pack abs workout for men and abdominal exercises for women. We hasten to upset you – they are the same. Moreover – all exercises for the abs are not divided into male and female.

Basic exercise with a roller for the press. You need to kneel (it is advisable to put a rug under your knees), rest against the roller, and slowly roll it away from you. Start with a small amplitude, then increase as you train experience.

5. Plank

Plank is a favorite exercise in sports related to movement and endurance. He is loved by skiers, cyclists, runners, representatives of martial arts.


How to make a Pank for the Abs?

How to Do plank Six-Pack Abs Workout
classic plank exercises

Take emphasis while lying on either your hands or elbows. Straighten your body in one line, do not overstrain your neck and back. The load should be uniform.
Hold the rack. Do not raise your head, look at the floor in front of you.

You сan read more details in our article: How to perform the plank properly

How to do the exercise plank?

The best option would be to complete the exercise until the muscles denial and change position. But if you don’t have much time to train, then follow a 5-minute training six-pack abs workout.

The training plan if you don’t have time for a full workout:

Six-Pack Abs Workout for Plank Everyday
plank for everyday six-pack workout

How to do the plank on the elbows. The main thing is that the body is in a straight line. At first, hold the plank in front of the mirror until you earn the right technique.

6.Twisting Abs

How to do twisting on the Abs?

How to Twisting Six-Pack Abs Workout
Twisting Ab Exercises


  1. Lay a mat for fitness, sit on your buttocks, legs are bent. This is the starting position.
  2. Keep your hands near your chest, start moving from your shoulders, and do twisting in different directions, in turn, feel how your oblique muscles are tensing.
  3. Perform the desired number of repetitions

Important! Twisting can be dangerous to the health of the back if performed incorrectly. The main rule: do not tear your lower back off the floor!

Repeat All Six-Pack Abs Workout about 15-20 reps. Take a break and do 2-3 more sets. This exercise can be performed by athletes with different levels of training, including beginners. Simplicity of movement will allow you to perform more repetitions or an additional approach, which in the end will lead to better results.

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