Today we will consider twisting a with a ball or on fitball – we work out the abdominal muscles!Abs-Workout-Core-With-This-Abs-Workout-Routine

Twists on the fitball are an effective exercise for working out the press and small muscles of the body stabilizers. Plus this exercise is that you can easily master it yourself and perform in a comfortable for you mode in the hall or at home.

How to do the exercise? Before proceeding directly to training, it is worthwhile to figure out which muscles receive the load during the movement.

Картинки по запросу twisting on fitball

  • The main work with twists is performed by the muscles of the press. The direct muscle of the abdomen is activated as much as possible, mediated participation in movement is received by the internal and external oblique muscles of the press.
  • The lower and middle parts of the back, along with the hips and buttocks, receive a static load, helping to keep the body in a stable position.

Exercises on fitball perfectly relieve excessive tension in the waist and is recommended for all who suffer from diseases of the spine.

In order to correctly perform the exercise, follow the instructions below:

  • Sit on the fitball and slightly spread your legs to the sides. Firmly fix the feet on the floor. Move the waist to the ball by rolling the pelvis forward. The legs should be bent at the same time. Place the palms in the lock and place them under the head. Cut the muscles of the press, keep your head straight and do not press your chin to your chest.
  • On exhalation make a twist by lifting the body up.
  • Hold in the upper point for a few seconds, and on exhalation slowly sink down. Do not bend your back and do not lower your head at the bottom. The neck is the extension of the spine. The abdominal muscles do not relax, they must remain in tension throughout the exercise.

Repeat 15-20 times. Take a break and do 2-3 more sets. This exercise can be performed by athletes with different levels of training, including beginners. Simplicity of movement will allow you to perform more repetitions or an additional approach, which in the end will lead to better results.

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