Faster Way to Quick Weight Loss – My Success Stories

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How Did I Faster Way to Quick Weight Loss

Faster Way to Quick Weight Loss – it is a discipline that consists of proper nutrition, regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle.

Quick Weight Loss
Fastest Way to Quick Weight Loss


A lot of people suffer from overweight not so much physically as morally. And it’s very hard for them to pull themselves together, they do not know what to do, where to start.

On our website in the category Before & After, you will find stories of people who were able to crucially lose weight and the real tips, a diet that will help overweight people take their lives under control and change themselves for the better.

My Quick Weight Loss Success Stories

I’m a Signe Heffernan and find the fastest way to fat loss in 12 weeks and I dropped 5 kg!

I started walking every day from work to my home about 5.5 km. I did this for six months and gradually switched to healthy food: I ruled out sugar, all processed foods. Then a year went to the gym from 3 to 5 times a week, where she began weight training under the guidance of a personal trainer.

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Start with a small: Build your schedule, first do what is in your power, as I have in the beginning.

Start a quick weight loss with new habits that will become part of your everyday life, not forgetting to gradually move to a healthy diet and gradually start to play sports. Constantly set new goals in order to spur the process of improving oneself.

7 Steps to Quick Weight Loss

Step 1 – Start a Food Diary

A food diary can help tackle the main cause of weight gain – an unhealthy diet. You can keep a food diary in a regular notebook or on the Internet. I personally started mine on this site on the category for losing weight, where the opportunity to communicate with the same “needy”, discussions, advice become an additional incentive to achieve results! In a food diary, you need to write everything down to every bite you eat. With its help, you will clearly see: maybe there is a lot of sweets in your diet? Or there are not enough vegetables and fruits, or maybe a lot of oil is put in the food, etc.

Step 2 – Switch to Low-Fat Food

By itself, fat is very high in calories. Judge for yourself, there is 900 kcal per 100g of fat. By reducing the amount of fat in your diet, you will reduce the total calorie content of your daily menu for quick weight loss. You should know that in addition to the obvious fatty foods such as butter, lard, pork, etc., there are “hidden fats” – they are found in sausages, cookies, and chips, and in incredible quantities in any fast food.

Step 3 – Read labels in Stores

And let those around you look at you as if you were insane when you go through packages with cheese or cottage cheese, counting something, making up! You know that what we buy, then we eat. So it’s time to control everything that gets into the supermarket basket. Don’t trust advertisements and old habits. The health food section is full of fatty foods. For example, in candies for diabetics, fat is like in ordinary ones, and advertising for yogurts and other fermented milk products is not always true. Therefore, take the time to read everything that is written on the packages.

Step 4 – Don’t Hungry

To avoid breakdowns, do not put your body on “starvation rations.” You should feel full. To do this, including in the menu more vegetables, fruits, and berries – they create a feeling of fullness in the stomach and are almost not high in calories. When cooking, add vegetables to minced meat and fish, and berries and fruits to desserts. Use diet recipes.


Step 5 – Eat only healthy food

Use our tips for quick weight loss:

  1. Use the smaller size food than the one from ate before (for example, dessert);
  2. The distribution of food on the plate:
  • Half – vegetables;
  • 1/4 – meat or fish;
  • Eggs or legumes;
  • 1/4 carbohydrates – potatoes or cereals, pasta, bread.

Step 6 – Lose weight gradually

To achieve a good result and quick weight loss without consequences in the form of stomach diseases, sagging skin, etc., you need to lose weight slowly, with the help of correct diets. Nutritionists are of the opinion that 0.5-1.0 kg per week is the best option. On our site, of course, there are strict diets and diets of “stars”, but we recommend using them only after consulting a doctor.

Step 7 – Increase physical activity

Ideally, it would be good to do sports. But these days, many do not have the time or the energy for that. To get started, try the most basic thing – increasing the number of steps you go through in a day. For example, walk one or two stops to work, take the stairs rather than the elevator, get a puppy, and walk him in the park. It may seem that these are trifles, but they mean a lot for quick weight loss, believe me! Subsequently, start practicing at home and connect our exercises for weight loss.

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