How to Do Workout with Vitruve, Benefits

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Beginner’s Tutorial – How to Start a Speed-Based Workout with Vitruve

If you have not yet heard of such a device as Vitruve whose work is based on speed indicators, we will tell you what it is and how to train more effectively with it.

Velocity based training device
Vitruve for Best Workout

Using a device for measuring speed, it does not matter if you are new to the gym or already an experienced athlete, the device reads the data builds a work schedule that suits you, in real-time the device Vitruve will inform you at what pace you need to train, thereby increasing our performance in training.

What is a speed-based workout?

Speed ​​training is a fairly new method of electronically measuring your workouts that few people are familiar with. The device is hung on a barbell, measuring each repetition, draws a graph based on algorithms, builds a graph of your workout and the pace with which you need to perform the exercise.

Technology does not stand still, and what was previously only available to Olympic athletes can now appear in every gym.
The device Vitruve optimizes the workout data and draws a graph based on the speed of the exercise, thereby increasing the performance of each athlete.

The device Vitruve is becoming more and more popular in the circle of fitness coaches and ordinary sports fans, due to its availability in the first place in the price segment, and the simplicity of its purchase in the online store. With the help of velocity based training device, you can draw up training schedules for both one sportsman and a whole sports team, calculate the pace of your training, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your training.

What is an Encoder Vitruve?

Workout with Vitruve
Workout with Vitruve

What is the Vitruve encoder and how to work with it, let’s figure it out and consider the principles of its work?

You can buy Vitruve coder in the online store from official representatives.

The encoder Vitruve is supplied with a strap for attaching to the barbell, a storage case, and a USB charger. Additionally, you can purchase various mounts that may be needed in other sports.

After you charge the device, it will be enough to connect the encoder to the equipment rack and turn it on to start receiving data and further analysis of the effectiveness of your workout.

There are also applications Vitruve for IOS and Android, where a coach or sportsman can create his own account, where he can later track all his data and progress in training. You can easily add Vitruve device via WiFi or Bluetooth using your phone and get all data.

How to use it?

Place the encoder on the floor in front of the barbell, fasten the cable with a special carabiner to the shaft. Execute exercise, the encoder will read the data and analyze how to optimize the workout.


Benefits Encoder Vitruve

With the help of this encoder, you, analyzing the data of your previous workouts, will be able to build up strength, increase the speed of the exercise, track your entire workout using your mobile phone.

Coaches can lead entire groups of people using their profile in the app, track the progress of their students and approach the sports coaching process more effectively.


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