How to Do 10-Minute Home Workout, Tips, Training Program

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How to Do 10-Minute Home Workout

How to Do Home Workout
How to Do Home Workout


Not everyone has the time to do a full gym workout every other day. For those who dream of an athletic body, want to always be in shape, but do not have time, a 10-minute home workout is an excellent way out. You can do the exercises both at home and outdoors. The main thing is to do it regularly.

The Fitness Workout Benefit

During the COVID 19 pandemic, more athletes are choosing home workouts that take about 10 minutes in days.

  • To put yourself in order, you do not have to go to the gym, waste time on the way back and forth. All types of exercises are easy to practice at home.
  • To complete the complex, you will not need special equipment or expensive sports equipment. It is enough to put on a sports uniform and prepare a regular gymnastic mat.
  • Another advantage of short program fitness is that they can fit into any, even the most hectic, schedule. After all, in order to plan a workout, you only need to find 10 minutes a day.
  • The training is designed to work out the whole body. Therefore, the muscles will develop harmoniously.
  • Regular physical activity helps to cope with stress, improves mood, energizes and positive.

The Basic 10-Minute Home Workout

Having mastered all the basic exercise options, you can make up a complete training program from them. Each sporting element has its own difficulty options. The lighter versions are suitable for beginners, the sophisticated versions are suitable for more experienced athletes.

Stretching your muscles


  • Stand straight, slowly tilt your head to the right, trying to reach your shoulder with your ear;
  • Put your right hand on the left side of your head, gently press;
    feel a stretch on the left side of the neck;
  • Repeat in the other direction.

Chest and Shoulders:

The starting position is the same, arms to the sides and bends at the elbows;
the shoulders are parallel to the floor, a right angle is formed in the elbow joints;
gently pull your arms back – you should feel a stretching of the chest.


  • From a straight position: bend your legs slightly at the knees, lock your straight arms into the lock in front of you;
  • Lower the head to the chest, push the shoulder blades back, round the back;
    pull the stomach in, push the pelvis forward, pull the back muscles.

Bicep Leg:

  • While maintaining the original pose: put the right foot in front of the left;
  • Turn the right foot by 30-45 °, bend this leg at the knee;
  • Tilt the body forward, stand in this position for 10 seconds;
  • Return to an upright position and repeat on the other leg’s side.

Front Leg:

  • Stand up straight, bring the lower leg of one leg back and press it with your hand to the buttock;
  • Stay in static for 10 seconds;
  • Change legs.


1) Classic:

  • Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart;
  • While inhaling, move the body forward slightly and sit down to a Position at which a right angle forms in the knee;
  • Transfer body weight to the heels, take the pelvis back;
  • On exhale, rise up, legs at the knees do not fully unbend.


2) One-Leg Squat:

  • Performed like regular squats;
  • When lifting, raise one knee to the level of the hip joint;
  • The supporting leg is slightly bent at the knee.


1) Knee push-ups:

  • Lie on the floor face down, raise the body, lean on straight arms and knees;
  • Raise the legs, point the fingers forward;
  • Bend your arms, spread your elbows to the sides – the back is even, without bending in the lower back;
  • Strain your stomach and buttocks, try to reach the floor with your chest;
    when lifting the body, straighten your arms, but not completely.

2) Classic push-ups:


take an emphasis lying: hands shoulder-width apart, feet together;
the body is in a straight line from shoulders to heels;
bend your arms at the elbows, touch the floor with your chest;
straighten your arms.

3) One leg Push-ups:

performed as usual push-ups, only with support not on both legs, but on one;
the second foot is placed on the supporting heel – you can alternate legs.



  • Lie face down, fold your arms in front of you;
  • Rest your forehead on the hands: the neck is straight, the gaze is fixed on the floor;
  • While exhaling, raise the body: the head and neck remain in the same position;
  • Strain the buttocks, press the pelvis into the floor;
  • On inhalation, lower your back.

Ab Twisting


  • Lie on your back, press your lower back to the floor;
  • Fold your arms behind your head, send your elbows to the sides;
  • Bend your legs at the knees and spread them a little;
  • On exhalation, do the twist, tearing the upper body off the floor;
  • Go back down to the floor while inhaling.

Side plank


  • Lie on your right side, lean on your forearm and knee;
  • Straighten your left leg, put your foot on the floor;
  • Raise the pelvis, stretch out in a straight line;
  • Hold the pose for 10 to 90 seconds;
  • Repeat on the other side.

All tasks of the complex must be performed without interruption.

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For beginners, it is enough to do exercises in the classic version 15 times each. Then you can increase the number of repetitions to 25. When the workout is easy, it is allowed to move on to the more difficult options.

Stretching. All exercises in this stage are 10-15 seconds long.

First circle:

  • Squats;
  • Push-ups;
  • Hyperextension;
  • Twisting;
  • Side plank.

Break to restore breathing – 30 seconds. If endurance allows, you can be jumping on the spot at this time.

Second circle:

Repeat the entire set of exercises in the same order.
Stretching. Repeat the entire set of exercises.

Fitness workouts can be done at any time – in the morning or in the evening. It is best to choose the period when you are most productive. It is only important that physical activity is completed 4 hours before bedtime.

10-Minute Home Workout Perform

  1. Monday – workout of the arms and shoulder;
  2. Tuesday – back and abdominal muscle training;
  3. Wednesday – rest;
  4. Thursday – pumping legs and buttocks;
  5. Friday – cardio workout;
  6. Saturday, Sunday – rest.

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