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The Results of “Mr. Olympia-2022

Mr.Olympia 2022 Hadi Choopan
Moments after becoming just the 17th man to win Mr. Olympia, Hadi Choopan extended a hand into the crowd. It was an unforgettable moment as fans united to celebrate the man from Iran who now stands tall as the #1 bodybuilder in the world.

In a group posing, British bodybuilder Samson Dauda was compared to the current champion Big Ramy, whose weight was about 136 kilograms, which shocked fans.

Dauda was also in the first comparison along with Hadi Choopan, Derek Lunsford, Nick Walker, Brandon Curry, and Big Ramy, which is an achievement in itself, as this is the Brit’s debut appearance at the Olympia.

Notably, 2021 Olympia 212 champion Lunsford and 2021 bronze medalist Hadi Choupan were compared to the longest at the center of the first callout lineup.

The fact that they were in the center means that the judges gave them preference. After numerous comparisons, the judges asked the same bodybuilders from the first callout to take part in the final comparison, confirming that these six were the best in the fight for the coveted first place.

Thus, they became Hadi Choupan, Derek Lunsford, Brandon Curry, Nick Walker, Samson Dauda, and Mamdouh Elssbiay.

Hadi Choopan New Mr. Olympia
Hadi Choopan New Mr. Olympia

Big Ramy remained on the far right for most of the mandatory posing in the final comparison. At the same time, Derek Lunsford’s wide shoulders, narrow waist, and wide quads earned special praise from Olympia commentators. In the last, Nicholas Walker became the national champion of Olympia, and Hadi Chupan became the champion of Mister Olympia!

The Results Open Category

TOP 5:

  1. Winner – Hadi Choopan ($400,000)
  2. Runner-up – Derek Lunsford ($150,000)
  3. Third place – Nicholas Walker ($100,000)
  4. Fourth place – Brandon Curry ($40,000)
  5. Fifth Place – Big Ramy ($35,000)

Last year we remember Hany Rambod’s prediction of Hadi Choopan’s victory!

Results of Category 212 Mr. Olympia 2022

The winners of the last three years Derek Lunsford, Kamal El Gargni, and Shaun Clarida are considered the best in bodybuilding up to 212 pounds.

TOP 3 212 Category

Lunsford moved into men’s open bodybuilding Clarida and El Gargni as top contenders for the title. Clarida qualified for both the 212 and the open categories. However, he chose to compete in bodybuilding up to 212 pounds. Clarida looked better than ever. Kamal El Garni was expected to take second place. However, Angel Calderon Frias showed great physical form on stage and outstripped El Gargni. Ahmed Ashkanani and Oleg Krivoy also showed balance and took fourth and fifth places respectively.

TOP 10:

  1. Winner – Shaun Clarida ($50,000)
  2. Runner-up: Angel Calderon  ($20,000)
  3. Third Place – Kamal El Gargni ($10,000)
  4. Fourth place – Ahmad Ashkanani ($6,000)
  5. Fifth place – Oleg Krivoy ($4,000)
  6. Sixth place – Keon Pearson
  7. Seventh place – Kerrit Baggio
  8. Eighth place – Felipe Moraes
  9. 9th place – Brian Balzano
  10. Tenth place – Dean White

Results of Category Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia 2022

Erin Banks us

TOP 5:

  1. Winner – Brandon Hendrickson
  2. Runner-up – Raymond Edmonds
  3. Third Place – Kyron Holden
  4. Fourth place – Jeremy Potvin
  5. Fifth place – Andrei Deiu’

Results of Category Men’s Classic Physique Mr. Olympia 2022

Chris Bumstead
Chris Bumstead Men’s Classic Physique Winner

Chris, as always, was out of competition, his victory was expected all, as a result, the places were distributed as follows

TOP 5:

  1. Winner – Chris Bumstead ($50,000)
  2. Second Place – Ramon “Dino” Rocha Queiroz ($40,000)
  3. Third Place – Urs Kalecinski  ($10,000)
  4. Fourth place – Breon Ansley ($6,000)
  5. Fifth place – Mike Sommerfeld ($4,000)

The Results of Women’s Bodybuilding Mr. Olympia 2022

It was Andrea Shaw’s third consecutive victory at the Olympia. Toward the end of the competition, Angela Yeo and Helle Trevino placed second and third respectively. Hella Trevino managed to show great form on the show, despite the fact that this year she suffered a shoulder injury and surgery. Margie Martin and Branka Njegovec finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Andrea Shaw 1th place mr.Olympia 2022
Andrea Shaw 1th place Mr.Olympia 2022

TOP 10: 

  1. Winner – Andrea Shaw ($50,000)
  2. Runner-up – Angela Yeo ($20,000)
  3. Third Place – Helle Trevino ($12,000)
  4. Fourth place – Margie Martin ($7,000)
  5. Fifth place – Branka Negovic ($6,000)
  6. Sixth place – Michaela Aycock
  7. Seventh place – Tereza Ivanchik
  8. Eighth place – Alcione Santos Barreto
  9. 9th place – Chelsea Dion
  10. Tenth place – Michelle Jean

The Results of Bikini Mr. Olympia 2022

Maureen Blanquisco

TOP 10:

  1. Winner — Maureen Blanquisco ($50,000)
  2. Second Place — Jennifer Dorie ($20,000)
  3. Third Place — Ashley Kaltwasser ($12,000)
  4. Fourth Place — Daraja Hill ($7,000)
  5. Fifth Place — Lauralie Chapados ($6,000)
  6. Sixth Place — Aimee Leann Delgado
  7. Seventh Place — Phoebe Hagan
  8. Eighth Place — Janet Layug
  9. Ninth Place — Elisa Pecini
  10. Tenth Place — Romina Basualdo

The Results of Figure Mr. Olympia 2022

Sydney Gillon is a six-time Olympia champion in the Figures category. Although the focus was on Gillon, Jessica Reyes Padilla and Lola Montez came in second and third respectively. In addition, Jossi Natalie Alcaron Becerra and Natalia Soltero placed fourth and fifth.

Sidney Gillon 5 times Mr. Olympia
Sidney Gillon 5 times Mr. Olympia

TOP 10:

  1. Winner – Sidney Gillon ($50,000)
  2. Runner-up: Jessica Reyes Padilla ($20,000)
  3. Third place – Lola Montez ($12,000)
  4. Fourth place – Jossi Alarcon Becerra ($7,000)
  5. Fifth place – Natalia Soltero ($6,000)
  6. Sixth place – Nicole Zenobia Graham
  7. Seventh place – Stephanie Gibson
  8. Eighth place – Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
  9. Ninth place – Erica Morales Morgan
  10. Tenth place – Nadia Bradford

The Results of Fitness Mr. Olympia 2022

The removal of the four-time Olympia champion in the fitness category Oksana Grishina from Olympia 2022 due to an injury was a shock to everyone. Former champions Missy Truscott, Jaclyn Baker, and Ariel Khadr emerged as clear leaders. Missy Truscott walked away with the win and Jaclyn Baker came in second. Ariel Khadr, Sarah Kovacs, and Michel Freuda-Mensah finished third through fifth.

Missy Truscott New Fitness Champion Mr. Olympia 2022
Missy Truscott New Fitness Champion Mr. Olympia 2022

TOP 10: 

  1. Winner – Missy Truscott ($50,000)
  2. Runner-up – Jaclyn Baker ($20,000)
  3. Third Place – Ariel Khadr ($12,000)
  4. Fourth place – Sarah Kovacs ($7,000)
  5. Fifth place – Michel Fredois-Mensah ($6,000)
  6. Sixth place – Tamara Wang
  7. Seventh place – Mikaela Pavleova
  8. 8th place – Go to Pajulhat
  9. Ninth place – Allison Kramer
  10. Tenth place – Terra Plum

The Results of Women Physique Olympia 2022

Natalia Coelho took the title from two-time winner Sarah Villegas. Everyone thought that Villegas would retain the title as her physicality and proportions seemed to be unbeatable. However, Coelho managed to get past the reigning champion. Sarah placed second and Brooke Walker placed third. Barbara Menage and Yvi Rein came in fourth and fifth respectively.

Natalia Coelho 2022 MS PHYSIQUE OLYMPIA

  1. Winner – Natalia Coelho ($50,000)
  2. Runner-up – Sarah Villegas ($20,000)
  3. Third Place – Brooke Walker ($12,000)
  4. Fourth place – Barbara Menage ($7,000)
  5. Fifth Place – Evie Rain ($6,000)
  6. 6th place – Jeannie Feldman
  7. Seventh place – Anne-Lorraine Mont
  8. Eighth place – Melissa Teich
  9. Ninth place – Charming white
  10. Tenth place – Marie-Solange Esso

The Results of Wellness Mr. Olympia 2022

Last year’s winner, Francielle Mattos, was able to triumph and make history by winning her second Wellness Olympia title. Isabelle Nunez and Angela Borges, who finished second and third respectively, gave the champion a hard fight in the final comparisons. Cassandra Gillis and Ryan Fogal de Souza Santana were also not far behind, finishing fourth and fifth in the competition.

Francielle Mattos 1 place Ms. Olympia 2022
Francielle Mattos 1 place Ms. Olympia 2022

TOP 10:

  1. Winner – Francielle Mattos ($50,000)
  2. Runner-up: Isabelle Nunes ($20,000)
  3. Third place – Angela Borges ($12,000)
  4. Fourth place – Cassandra Gillies ($7,000)
  5. Fifth place – Ryan Fogal de Souza Santana ($6,000)
  6. Sixth place – Gisele Machado
  7. Seventh place – Marissa Andrews
  8. Eighth place – Yarishna Ayala
  9. Ninth place – Leonida Chobu
  10. Tenth place – Bruna Seredic

The Results of Mr. Olympia 2022 on Wheelchairs 

Harold Kelly 5 X Mr.O Wheelchair
Harold Kelly 5 X Mr.O Wheelchair

TOP 5:

  1. Winner: Harold Kelly
  2. Second place – Gabriele Andriulli
  3. Third place – Anthony Hadraoui
  4. Fourth place – Pierre Cavalin
  5. Fifth place – Adelfo Cerame Jr.
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