Start Losing Weight: She Lost Weight from 115 to 64 kg

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My Start Losing Weight Story

My name is Masha I am 41 years old and this my start losing weight story. I have already lost 51 kg, from 115 to 64 kg

Start Losing Weight
She Lost Weight from 115 to 64 kg


In this publication – answers to questions about how to start losing weight.
I started by removing all the wast food. These are snacks, juices, soda, sausages, sausages, semi-finished products.

A trip to Vietnam helped me. Once, my husband and I spent 3 months there. Not in the tourist area and in small villages. We tried the local cuisine. At first I just couldn’t eat it. Everything boiled or raw, not salty, a lot of grass.

I wanted normal fried meat, salt, bread, kefir. There was none of this. In the cafe, they brought us boiled fish without salt, strange rice porridge, and a huge dish of a wide variety of herbs.

Start Weight Story - I'm in Vietnam
Start Weight Story – I’m in Vietnam


About a month later, I reconciled, after two I got used to it, and when I returned home, I was generally shocked. I realized that the taste of our food so familiar to me is the taste of salt. All food tastes the same. Equally salty.

I cleaned all the “food waste” and the pan. Instead of frying, I began to use baking, cooking, stewing, etc. Significantly reduced salt intake.

Learning information to start losing weight

I began to read more about food and its effects on the body and health for start losing weight. When cooking products, I use only olive oil. I add different vegetable oils to salads. I learned that livestock use antibiotics and hormones. Animals are gaining mass on them. And then all these substances enter our body.

I was upset when I read that these substances cause infertility, obesity, and cancer. After research in the US and Europe, they were banned (not all, those where the harm has been proven).

Antibiotics and hormones are found in meat, eggs, dairy products. Now I don’t eat pork. I buy meat without GMO and hormones.

Learning information to start losing weight
Learning information to start losing weight


I began to drink 2 liters of water per day. So recommended. For 6 years I have been drinking water in such quantities. It does not cause edema, on the contrary. Water helps get rid of them. If I stop drinking water, my weight starts to creep up.

I started to walk. I began to walk to work and back. Walk more, trying to go 10 thousand steps a day.

After that, I began to lose weight, but my weight went slowly. In about 9 months I lost 5 kg. From 115 to 110 kg. The reason was that I ate as much as I wanted. Focused on my appetite. I want to eat - i'm eat. And although I didn’t have sweets, or flour, or fatty or fried of products in my diet, weight lose slowly.

And most importantly, I realized that if you eat a large piece of boiled chicken, 300 grams of rice and a couple of oatmeal cookies, then this is no less in calories than big mac and is also pointless in terms of lose weight.

This is Masha’s youtube channel, come watch her video.

The main thing is not to rush. Not to starve. Do not start all at once – sports, diet. Start by switching to healthy foods. Especially if the weight is more than 100 kg.

My story how I lose weight
My story how I lose weight

Calorie counting helps control nutrition. That is, to understand how much you can eat for lose weight. But to organize a meal is already your task.

How to Organize Nutrition 


For example, your food will be three times a day. Especially if you start to lose weight with a weight of more than 100 kg. Sometimes, I ate little in the morning, but dined tightly. At the same time, do not reduce calorie content and you can start losing weight.

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When my weight became 80 kg, losing weight was easier. Then I had to more seriously review the diet in order to continue to lose weight.

Now I try to consume most of the calories in the morning. And dine with less calorie foods.
In the morning I eat complex carbohydrates – cereals.
For lunch, cheesecakes, scrambled eggs, casseroles, even cakes or pancakes. It helps me overcome my cravings for sweets.

Note: Remember, such products must be cooked on protein and not on flour.
  • For lunch – salad, side dish, skinless chicken, fish or meat.
  • For afternoon – soup or salad.
  • Snack – fruit.
  • For dinner – meat, vegetables.

It happens that after dinner I still eat cottage cheese or yogurt.

Daily food rate: 1800 kcal – I support the weight. If 1500 kcal – this is for losing weight.

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And most importantly – I try to maintain internal balance and harmony. After all, everything that we do, we do in order to become happier.

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