10000 Steps a Day Weight Loss Stories

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10000 Steps a Day Weight Loss Stories

10000 Steps a Day Weight Loss, or my experience of losing weight and success stories.



My story of losing weight

Many people write about walking as a way to lose weight. Steps walking is probably the easiest, easiest, convenient, and practically free method that allows you to get rid of extra pounds. In this regard, I also want to share my experience.
One fine day, 8 years ago, when I was about to go to work, I leaned over to fasten my shoes and began to choke. It was really hard for me to bend down and make a simple movement. At that moment, I suddenly very clearly understood: it is necessary to lose weight. This decision was just sudden, I seemed to know – it can’t go on like this anymore, I’m fat, and this is a nightmare.

It was after a series of New Year holidays, January 11th. This day became my starting point. I still had a poor idea of ​​how I would lose weight, but my determination was very great. I did not wait until tomorrow or until Monday. I started right away and did it right. Why wait, why prepare?

Need to start losing weight right now

On the same day, I went to work by bus, but went back already on foot.

January 12 – on foot and to work, and from work. And so constantly, every day, in any weather, I about 10,000 steps. Only once, in very heavy snow, did I go home by public transport.

In time, my steps took from 40 minutes to an hour – depending on weather conditions and on which route I chose. And I often changed the route to make a difference. I walked at an average pace, not slowly, but not fast either.
At first it was hard, my back was tired, my legs hurt. Sometimes bad weather interfered. But then I got used to it and began to enjoy my walks in the fresh air, as well from the cityscapes.

About nutrition

I note that, in addition to walking, I slightly reduced my diet. I almost stopped eating sweets, instead of all drinks I began to drink mostly plain water, adding a slice of lemon to it. Walking was the basis of the entire training weight loss process.

I know that for the normal functioning of all body systems, a person needs to take 10000 steps a day, that is walk about 8 kilometers. I do not know how many steps I took before, but now I already had more than 10000 steps, much more. Additionally, I stopped using the elevator. On weekends, I began to walk everywhere. I drive by transport only if I needed to somewhere urgently or not reach to destination on foot.

Now about the results

In the first months, the weight was dead. January and February, active walking did not give any result. I got on the scales and they showed – it’s scary to imagine! – 78 kg!


In early March, I began to lose heart. What is there to lose heart, I just fell into despair! But I did not give up attempts, continued to walk.

By about mid-March, I noticed that almost all the clothes had become freer. The scales showed 73 kg. And this was the first big victory. My joy knew no bounds.

By April, I already weighed 70 kg. In late April, I went on business to the central office of the company, where I worked then. All my colleagues, without exception, were amazed at my appearance. Nobody believed that I lost weight only from walking. In addition, many could not believe that I go back and forth daily on foot while doing at least 10,000 steps and closer to losing weight.

By the summer I weighed 64 kg.

Total – minus 14 kg for six months. In my opinion, this is an excellent result, and without diets and hunger strikes, without grueling physical exercises.

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I kept this weight for more than two years, continuing to walk on foot everywhere, not to use the elevator, but not especially restricting myself in nutrition.
Then I recovered to 66 kg, and I still have this weight. I also prefer to do a walk 10000 steps, and not use an elevator. I eat almost everything, but periodically arrange fasting days


Thus, walking is a wonderful way to lose extra pounds, strengthen muscles, increase immunity, improve overall health, and acquire a beautiful complexion. I was convinced of this on my own experience. Follow about 10,000 steps a day and lose weight!

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