weght loss before and after

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There are so many unrealistic beauty standards in our society today & social media just makes everything so much worse!

weght loss before and after

I hate that so many people look up to certain people on social media that edit & photoshop their photos to make themselves fit to society’s ‘standards’. I wanted to make this comparison to be completely honest & open with you all.

I am finally comfortable in my own skin I always used to cover up & get embarrassed by my cellulite & stretch marks.

I was always ashamed to be a ‘bigger girl in comparison to all my friends. I always thought having a big bum was frowned upon but I have come to love myself & accept how I am. Don’t get me wrong, I always want to improve but just being able to walk around in a bikini & not feel the need to cover up is such an accomplishment for me.
I definitely still want to lose some body fat & tone up more but only because i want to.

Not because I’m scared of the opinions of others & what people would say or think. I’m improving every day for me & me only.
But I know there’s some things I will probably never completely get rid of like my cellulite & stretch marks & I’m totally okay with that.
I’m embracing life & doing it my way!

(Ps I only added a filter to this to further highlight my stretch marks because the lighting wasn’t so great when I took the photo)

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