What is Kratom & How Do Athletes use Kratom in the Training

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What is Kratom & How to do use Kratom in Training?

What is Kratom – is a rare tree from the madder family (a relative of coffee), common in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea. Kratom is a natural antidepressant, tea from this plant increases the body’s energy levels and mood, helps to concentrate on mental work, and also increases stamina during physical activity.

How to do use Kratom in Training
What is Kratom


Why Use Kratom in Sports? Many modern athletes from Asia, take Kratom before training. This makes it easier to endure heavy and monotonous work with sports equipment and your body.

Is Kratom a natural pain reliever?

Historically, kratom was taken for hard physical work. And nowadays, during sports training – to reduce pain, both during and after exhausting work or training. Also, it is important that kratom is a natural pain reliever and an excellent alternative to artificial remedies for severe diseases – for oncology, for chronic pain …

Does kratom improve performance?

In the homeland of kratom, in Southeast Asia, workers and peasants have chewed kratom leaves for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, while doing arduous, repetitive and exhausting work. Nowadays, the use of kratom before heavy sports training has found widespread use.

Does Kratom improve mental health?

With moderate consumption of kratom, a general improvement in the mental state of a person is observed – there is cheerfulness, a desire to do something, mood and attitude towards others improve, and the depressive state goes away. This effect is not as obvious as from marijuana, but gradually, as if imperceptibly, the psychological quality of life improves – you just want to live and create.

The positive effects of kratom on health. Some studies show that moderate intake of kratom improves heart function, also normalizes blood pressure, stimulates blood vessels, and even helps lower blood sugar. But here everything is individual – you need to listen to your body.

The effectiveness of Kratom is hidden in its properties, there are many alkaloids in the plant, the most important indole alkaloid is Mitraginine, it is present in large quantities and is dominant. In general, there are more than 35 alkaloids in Kratom, the actions of which are still little studied. The presence of different strains of Kratom corresponds to the place of growth and changes in the alkaloid composition, which makes them effective for different purposes.

How to do Athletes use Kratom in Training?

I have heard a lot from athletes that Kratom is a legal herbal substance that can lift you up and relieve pain, anxiety, and depression.

In sports, not enough attention is paid to pain relievers. Personally, I believe that the legal pain relievers that exist on the sports supplement market do not improve body functions.

Using Kratom in Sports?

There are more than 35 alkaloids in Kratom, the boundaries of which have not yet been explored. The presence of different strains of Kratom corresponds to the place of origin and the change in alkaloid composition, which makes them effective for different purposes.

Athletes take a variety of Kratom strains (best of the work for pain relief and relaxation).

How real is the effect?

Through research, Kratom showed results that mask pain, and also maximized muscle relaxation.

Effect Kratom
How real is the effect of Kratom?


Thus, the effect can be considered rather mild. When it comes to pain, Kratom is just like its opium counterparts, but in a natural way. What’s the difference, you might ask?
Kratom can, of course, lift your mood gradually, serving as an ideal choice for depression and anxiety.

Sportsmen argue that the stimulant effect does not cause drowsiness like other opium drugs.

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Athletes who have arthritis or who suffer from chronic pain, joint pain, or previous injuries receive huge praise from Kratom.

Thanks to Kratom, athletes achieve the best results, the sporting achievements of which they might not have achieved due to joint pain or previous injuries.

With less pain, it makes the athlete train harder and faster, boosting their confidence and promoting mood.

Despite the fact that Kratom does not cause any side effects, there is some research that claims that the plant is addictive and this uncertain status has forced the anti-doping agencies to include Kratom on the list of drugs that are prohibited for use in professional sports.

FDA and DEA are trying to negotiate to make Kratom a controlled and approved substance. However, kratom is illegal in some parts of the states even today.

Therefore, if you are an athlete and want to try Kratom, check to see if you can use the drug without any consequences.

As stated earlier, Kratom may be quite effective as a pain reliever, while it needs more research to understand how the plant can benefit athletes.

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