Roelly Winklaar was Diagnosed with Covid-19

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Roelly Winklaar was diagnosed with Covid-19. He will miss Mr. Olympia in 2020.

Roelly Winklaar received tested positive for covid, Winklaar will not competitive in Mr. Oympia 2020.

Roelly Winklaar was diagnosed with Covid-19
Roelly Winklaar was diagnosed with Covid-19


Almost before the show, Mr. Olympia 2020 Roelly Winklaar was already in very good form and was ready to compete for a high place in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, he will not be able to compete after testing positive for coronavirus. Roelly has looked very focused on his Mr. Olympia preparation and has been uploading all sorts of body shots and videos over the past few weeks. He showed the super condition, made major improvements to his form, and could look amazing for the big stage in Orlando.

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But, according to his Instagram and reports from his team, he tested positive for the new coronavirus. Apparently, he was traveling to the United States from Turkey when he contracted the virus. This led to the fact that he was forced to withdraw from participation just a few days before the start of the competition.

P.S. “With a very sad and heavy heart, I want to officially announce to all my fans, rivals, and everyone who will be present at the biggest bodybuilding competition of the year, I will unfortunately not participate in 2020, Mr. Olympia.

I tested positive for Covid-19 when I was in Turkey on my way to the US. We tried everything we could, but once we tested positive for Covid-19, there’s nothing more we can do.

In the meantime, some symptoms of Covid-19 have appeared and I am now focused on making a full recovery. Even though the news is out now, it will be fair if I personally inform you of this unexpected turn of events.

My trainer @ahmd_askr and I really wanted to show you a completely different physique this year. Something you’ve never seen before. However, rest assured that while I am recovering, we will be working on our plan for 2021.
Thanks to the whole team @mrolympiallc and @ifbb_pro_league who were ready to help, but alas, it is impossible to get a positive test on covid19 and go on stage, expose others participants to infection, even if the disease is asymptomatic. Thanks to my sponsors and everyone else for their support.

See you guys in 2021! Peace to all “- said Winklaar

It’s a shame that fans won’t be able to see Rulli’s Monstrous Form on stage and figure out how high he could climb the TOP 3 or maybe even become Mr. Olympia.

Winklaar is added to a growing list of athletes who will not be competing at Olympia. Rafael Brandao also tested positive for the virus and had lingering problems that caused him to leave the competition too. Cedric Macmillan and Flex Lewis were injured, and Nathan De Asha was unable to travel to the United States due to travel restrictions.

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Another rookie, James Hollingshead, pulled out without giving any specific reasons but said he wants to focus on the competition as early as 2021.

Rollie fans hope he won’t have a long period of illness and will soon be able to return to bodybuilding.




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