NEW 212 Champion Mr.Olympia 2020

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The Final 212 Champion Mr.Olympia 2020

NEW 212 Olympia Champion Shaun Clarida!

Olympia Champion 2020
Category 212 Lb Olympia Champion 2020 – Shaun Clarida


Today we have witnessed the most unusual Mr.Olympia in the history of the competition, competitions during the world the covid 19 pandemics when there is a minimum of people in the hall and the broadcast is watched online, and many athletes such as Roelly Winklaar could not participate at all due to confirmed covid tests.

But let’s not talk about sad, today we have a new champion in category 212 Lb and this is Shaun Clarida!

Shaun Clarida showed ideal proportions and ideal muscle condition that the judges could not miss, and gave preference to this guy in victory.

Behind the scenes, Shaun Clarida supported by his younger brother, his girlfriend, and of course the coach, Sean received $ 50,000 for his victory and we really hope that this money will help him in this difficult time of the pandemic and preparation for Olympia 2021. Good luck, Shaun, we will wait for your new victories!

Category 212 Lb Mr.Olympia 2020 Showdown Results are In:

1. @shaunclarida ($50,000)
2. @ifbb_pro_kamal_elgargni ($20,000)
3. @georgep_dabull ($10,000)
4. @dereklunsford_ ($6,000)
5. @ahmd_ashkanani ($4,000)




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