Hadi Choopan Retiring from Bodybuilding

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Coach Hany Rambod told the truth about Hadi Choopan Retiring from Bodybuilding!

A social media post from an Iranian bodybuilder was translated as an athlete retiring from the sport of bodybuilding, but it turned out that the message was misinterpreted.

Is Hadi Choopan Retiring?
Hadi Choopan Retiring from Bodybuilding


A few days ago, Hadi Choopan posted a post on Instagram, after which many wondered if he was retiring from competitive bodybuilding. His trainer, Hani Rambod, recently issued an appeal to refute these rumors.

Rambod says that Hadi will compete at the 2021 Olympia, which is good news because he has become a very popular figure in the iron sport. As CEO of Evogen Nutrition, Rambod reported on the official YouTube channel:

“Hadi Choopan is not retiring from competitive bodybuilding, he sent me his morning photos today.”

He then said that there was a lot of misunderstanding due to the translation as to the meaning of his message and added:

“He looks amazing. He’s on his way to Mr. Olympia 2021”


But the good news doesn’t end there. Apparently, new US President Joe Biden has lifted the travel ban for Muslims, which could make it easier for Choopan and other athletes to travel to the United States. The last two Mr. Olympia were a disappointment for Hadi Choopan, as the travel ban made it difficult for him to obtain a visa to compete in the United States. The Olympia team worked hard to get approval for his arrival, and while it was not easy, audiences were able to see “The Wolf of Persia” performing on stage in the US and he became a favorite with the audience.

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