Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan Dies at 44

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Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan dies at 44: He was a Schwarzenegger fan and won the Arnold Classic

Although the cause of death has not yet been confirmed, various sources say that he would have died of a heart attack.

Cedric McMillan dies

At just 44 years old, professional bodybuilder Cedric McMillan died of heart problems. The news of his death was confirmed on Tuesday by his sponsor, Black Skull USA, after months of health problems.

Died not too long ago Shawn Rhoden, isn’t there too many deaths from the TOP bodybuilders in just 1 year?

While the cause of death has yet to be confirmed, various sources have told Generation Iron that he would have died of a heart attack while exercising on the treadmill.

Story from Life Cedric McMillan

Cedric McMillan was born in Maplewood, New Jersey in 1977, where he grew up idolizing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Noting his special interest, his mother bought him the first set of weights.

He later enlisted in the US Army after graduating from high school and moved to South Carolina where he became a master sergeant and instructor at Fort Jackson.

Speaking to Fitness Volt, he said: “I think the army is part of who I am. I think the army made me who I am. I think I’m also a little proud that I can get to where I am with a military career.”

He won his first bodybuilding competition in 2011 at the Champions Show in Orlando. A year later, he won the bodybuilding competition at the 2012 New York Pro.

2012 New York Pro

The bodybuilder revealed in December 2021 that he developed breathing problems following Covid-19, which led to him being hospitalized for pneumonia and receiving life support. “I almost died,” he said.

In a video posted on February 28, 2022, on his networks, he documented the stomach problems that Cedric suffered from, he said.
P.S. For some reason I can’t keep food inside and hiccup all the time, I hiccup all day and midnight and every time I eat or even drink water. The food doesn’t want to stay inside. Four weeks ago I went to the doctor again and was advised not to train for the competition “Arnold Classic.”

McMillan won the Arnold Classic in 2017. He is widely known for his entertaining victory speech and the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself posed with him.

Cedric said that he takes a lot of medication and still cannot eat normal food that will help him gain weight. He is prescribed soups and smoothies on which he has already lost 13 kg. He was so stubborn that he ignored the advice of doctors and tried to regain the lost weight. But at the same time, he nevertheless listened to the experts and decided to abandon the preparation for the competition.

In a call to action for other bodybuilders, McMillan expressed the importance of spending a little less time in the gym and instead devoting his time to the people you loves.

“We give a lot to ourselves, the gym, preparation and work. Give yourself to your family and the people who love you while you still have the chance,” he said.

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