News Mr.Olympia 2020, Video: Dan Solomon Answers

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News Mr. Olympia 2020

Mr. Olympia 2020 General Manager, Dan Solomon in an interview with Muscular Development magazine said that all these weeks of uncertainty caused by the COVID19, his team studied the situation and came to a decision to postpone Olympia to December 16-20.

News Olympia 2020
News Olympia 2020


According to Dan, they tried to “delay” the deadline as far as possible, but to hold the Olympia in 2020.

This decision was primarily made so that athletes have time to prepare for Mr. Olympia 2020, and those who have not yet qualified to get such an opportunity. Solomon assures that the people who bought the tickets did not waste their money, and the Olympia -2020 will take place.

Talking about negotiations with sponsors and participants of “EXPO” Den Solomon was noticeably nervous, but admitted that the negotiations were difficult.

Usually, from April to June, the seats at Olympia “EXPO” have already been sold, and the sponsors have bought out the main packages. But sponsors are in no hurry to buy seats. And the sale of places at Expo was extended until September, in the hope that quarantine measures will become weaker. Solomon hopes that after the quarantine is lifted, the business will breathe out and be ready for a constructive dialogue.

Relocation of the Olympia Main Stage in 2020


A similarly interesting question about the move of Olympia from the “Orleans” hotel to the “Planet Hollywood” was being discussed. This is an important point because the former location was on the outskirts of Las Vegas, and far from the main street. The “Orleans” is a hotel that stands alone on the outskirts of the city. All life is spent on the Las Vegas Strip.

There is also a huge number of hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, and shops. There is where to while away the evening.

Around The “Orleans” hotel – only parking, gas station, and an adult store. In a word, everything you need for a truck driver.
Therefore, moving the main stage Mr. Olympia 2020 to the main street is cool!

View of the Las Vegas Strip

Mr. Olympia in the Main Street Las Vegas Strip
Mr. Olympia in the Main Street, Las Vegas Strip


According to Solomon, they examined several place. His team has conducted many negotiations directly in Las Vegas. The owners of the premises willingly went to the meeting, because many shows scheduled for this summer have been canceled.

We’re ended up at the Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater, which hosted many of the popular USA shows. The Place itself is also (quote) “next level” for Olympia.

What is a Scene “Zappos Theater”

The Zappos Theater has a capacity of about 7,000, which is 3,000 less than the previous venue, but the new venue has a theatrical seating. like in cinemas – when each next row is slightly higher than the previous one.
Solomon admitted that most likely this year they will miss the audience – from 10 to 20%.

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He is not yet ready to answer questions about EXPO. His team is considering several venues for the exhibition. It is also not clear what will happen to the rule of observance of “social distance” during the Mr. Olympia 2020 period. If the rule COVID 19 is not canceled, then you will have to sell only 30% of tickets for the show and forget about “EXPO”.

Photo Archive - Jake Wood, Arnold, Dan Solomon
Photo Archive – Jake Wood, Arnold, Dan Solomon


As for the athletes from abroad, who do not understand at all whether they will open-air traffic between their countries and the United States.

Solomon replied: “Who knows?” The essence of his more detailed narrative is that so far they have only booked a location for Mr. Olympia 2020.

First, it will provide an incentive for athletes to continue their training.
Secondly, in a month or two, the site may “go” for another project.

The question of increasing the prize money remained without a direct answer. However, Dan noted that the new owner of Olimpia remains calm despite the fact that he acquired the tournament during such a difficult period.

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Dan Solomon announced that such athletes as Oksana Grishina and Adela Garcia have confirmed their return to the Mr. Olympia 2020.

Flex Lewis will compete in the open category. Dexter Jackson will end his professional career at Olympia 2020. Brandon Curry and William Bonac are also preparing for the battle for first place.

As for other famous athletes, Dan Solomon declined to answer – “Perhaps there will be a return of a couple of former Olympia champions.
P.S. Thanks for not asking direct questions about the return of Kai Greene and Phil Heath. Moreover, I have nothing to say about this yet, said Dan.
Only one was said that athletes like Kai and Phil are always welcome persons at Olympia and they are always honored guests.

Shawn Rhoden was not discussed at all.

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