How to Do 4 Minute Tabata Workouts, Technique Execution

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Tabata Workouts, That Burn Fat Better Than Running

Tabata Workout can contain one exercise or be a whole complex. Often, 8 exercises are included in the workout.

How to Do tabata workout
tabata workout


Aerobic exercises Tabata, which are done in just 20 seconds in three sets, can do to your body such that you will not only be surprised, but slightly shocked. Why is the Tabata weight loss technique considered the most effective and why is it so often ignored by those who strive for an ideal figure? Let’s figure it out and start doing.

What is Japanese Tabata 

“Protocol Tabata” – named after physiologist Izumi Tabata, who is the head of professional sports education. He was looking for a way to train athletes more efficiently and developed a unique aerobic method that increases endurance, burns fat and builds muscle.

Two groups of athletes were recruited. The first group of beginners had an average physical fitness, they were engaged 5 times a week for an hour.

The second group spent 20 minutes a day on training, but did it with high intensity, the complex involved 4 sets of 4 minutes.

After three months of training, the result stunned everyone.

  • People of the first group, increased aerobic criteria (cardiovascular system), anaerobic indicators (muscles) – did not change.
  • The second group had a sensation. They improved both metrics. The tests were repeatedly confirmed in 1996 and 1997.

Tabata and his team published two scientific publications with a protocol on which exercises to do and with what intensity. Scattered all over the world, they were reprinted by more than 600 well-known publications. This is how the name “Tabata protocol” or simply tabata appeared.

Who is Tabata for?

The essence of training is to give the body the maximum load in 20 seconds. Take a break of 10 seconds and repeat the approach. Why is tabata so effective? Exercise is anaerobic (oxygen-free). The body cannot stay in such a zone for a long time, this is due to the training time. But, it is at this time that the body is able to burn fats as much as possible.

It is positive stress for the body and is suitable for those who:

  • Wants a slim and fit body;
  • Improve muscle growth;
  • Wants to get rid of the plateau;
  • Try something new;
  • Become more resilient.

Some people use herbal diet pills along with tabata exercises. Keto SlimBiotic capsules are an effective remedy that is tested and certified, together with physical activity, you can get a quick result after 30 days.

Training for Beginner Athlete

Any workout, especially tabata, should be started gradually. You cannot give yourself the maximum load on the first day. The difficulty lies in the fact that muscle strain becomes noticeable only in the morning, when muscle pain prevents you from getting out of bed. Discomfort can permanently discourage your desire for physical activity, but this is the only opportunity to have not only a fit figure, but clean blood vessels and a healthy heart.

3 Classic Exercises for the Abdomen and Oblique

You can do it at home. Trainers who say it’s dangerous are simply manipulating clients to avoid losing them.


Tabata does not require special equipment, only a gymnastic mat is needed. Classes should be held in an atmosphere of solitude, the workout is short, you should not be distracted by someone. Play your favorite music, preferably with lyrics to make you want to sing along. This will choke your breath and improve your anaerobic capacity, and therefore your performance. Prepare a timer.

The Workout is executing for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest and repetition, 3 repetitions per exercise. Be sure to warm up before starting your workout, walk around, do a couple of bends.

  • Scissors exercise;
  • Plank Tuck;
  • Abs Tension.

Technique Execution

  1. Scissors exercise. Lie down with your back firmly on the floor. Bend your legs at an angle of 45 – 90 degrees. Raise your legs one by one until they are fully extended. Touch your knees with your hands. Only the press works, the neck is resting.
  2. Plank Tuck. Position of Plank. Bend your knees alternately and bring them closer to your chest. Left leg to right, right leg to left.
  3. Press tension. Lie on the floor, raise your bent legs 30 cm from the floor, hands locked behind your head. Hold on for 20 seconds. After the complex it is very important to have a good rest, walk around, breathe calmly. Make turns or bends in different directions.

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Advanced system

What makes Tabata exercises unique? So, then you can do any familiar exercises, but only very quickly. Love to squat, squat fast, love push-ups, do it as fast as possible. But if you are doing gymnastics for the joints, here, ATTENTION, no abrupt and fast movements.

Tabata Workouts system for men (8 sets in 4 minutes)

Tabata pyramide workout
Tabata Pyramide Workout


According to the protocol tabata, fat is quickly burned, then muscle growth begins. Men should also start with beginner exercises if there is no minimal training. The time between sets is the same – 20 seconds of exercise, 10 rest.

  1. Warm up.
  2. V-Ups – the exercise is similar to the maximum tension of the press, the only difference is that the legs need to be lifted to the chest.
  3. Push ups – from the plank position, do push-ups, jump up raising your hands to your head.
  4. Squats – are classic squats with arms extended forward. Note that pace is important.
  5. Jump Rope – try to jump as fast as possible.
  6. Rest and repetition of the complex.

The complex for male beginners is designed for 3-4 lessons. Then the exercises change to heavier ones, and the pace increases.

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Contraindications for high intensity exercise

Like any other exercise, tabata also has contraindications. Here are the criteria for checking who should carefully select the complex, read it so as not to harm yourself.

  1. With diseases of the cardiovascular system, after a heart attack, etc.
  2. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, ligament and tendon injuries. For those on a low carb or mono diet.
  3. Diabetes.
  4. Obesity of the second or more degree.

If you have suffered from viral disease, you should not immediately return to classes.

Give your body a few days to build up. The Tabata protocol is really not for everyone. But who said that you can’t start exercise at a calm pace and increase the intensity while listening to your body?

So try it – Tabata slimming exercises are an effective and efficient technique.

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