Drop Sets Workout, How to Do: Benefits, Technique Execution

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How to Do Drop Sets Workout

Let’s look at drop sets workout for different muscle groups.

How to Drop Sets
How to Do Drop Sets


From time to time, each athlete has moments of reaching a plateau, when one of the muscle groups stops developing and lags behind. Also, everyone has their weak points. To move them, drop sets come to the rescue. This method gives the muscles a jolt, a new degree of stress, forcing them to develop strength or muscle volume.

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What is a Drop Sets in Training

A Drop Sets – Is a training method in which several sets are performed in one approach. While first performing an approach with one weight, after which the weight immediately changes and the next set is performed with a rest of 5-15 seconds and so on, up to 3-4 sets. That is, the main task of a drop set workout is to drop the weights, or rather to reduce the working weight by 20-25%.

Drop sets have their own varieties, using them in practice, you can achieve good results in the progress of a particular muscle group. This method can be used not only by dropping the weights, but also by increasing them – reverse drop sets.

Types of Drop Sets

  1. Triple Drop Sets – This is a classic drop sets workout when the weight is dropped twice per approach, that is, three sets are obtained. Weight drop occurs by 20-25%. The rest between drops is 2 to 15 seconds maximum. Rest 1-1.5 minutes between sets.
  2. Quadruples Drop Sets – the same as the previous version, only the weight drop occurs one more time, thus four sets are obtained. Likewise, the weight is reduced by 20-25%.
  3. Progressive Drop Sets – This method uses the one full warm-up sets, then increases the weight and performs the classic triple drop sets workout. Rest 60-90 seconds. Then you increase the working weight and perform the warm-up sets, then increase the weight again and perform the triple drop sets, the same is the third approach. That is, here the weight grows with each approach.
  4. Reverse Drop Sets – Performed according to the scheme of triple drop sets workout, only the weight, on the contrary, increases. We take a light weight, do 20-30 reps with it, then increase the weight, do 6-8 reps, then take the maximum weight for 1-3 reps. Accordingly, sets are performed with a minimum rest, but no more than 15 seconds. The rest between drop sets is no more than 90 seconds. This method is suitable for all muscle groups.
  5. Drop super sets – Performed like two exercises in a superset on the principle of triple drop sets workout. For example, we perform supersets in a row: bench press and dumbbells press, then we drop weight by 15% and immediately repeat the superset. While the pause takes 10-15 seconds, we again reduce the weight and perform the superset for the third time. After completing the drop superset, you can rest for 2 minutes, then continue in the same way for another 1-2 sets.
  1. Gain Drop Sets – This type is performed in the same way as the classic triple drop set, but it is applied only to one muscle group that is not involved in the training process. For example, a split workout is performed on the back and chest muscles. In this case, in the middle of the workout, you can perform a drop sets workout on the lagging group, for example, the lower leg. That is a muscle group that is not included in the work of the main complex.
  2. Pyramids drop sets – in this case, do the first basic exercise with maximum weight, for example, deadlift. On the second set, reduce the weight by 20% and do 3-6 sets of 2-4 reps. The Rest on average one minute between sets, but a maximum one and a half.


Tips of Drop Sets

The entire workout should not be consist of drop sets. This technique can be present in the training process only for lagging muscle groups.

For example, you should not perform the drop sets workout method for the muscles of the arms if basic exercises are present in the training program, in which case the muscles are already getting enough load.

Benefits of Drop Sets Workout

Advantages of the method:

  • Allows lagging muscles to progress;
  • Increases muscle strength;
  • Accelerates muscle growth in volume;
  • Creates stress on muscles, makes muscles come out of the plateau.


  • Drop Sets Workout are only suitable for trained athletes. Beginners will not be able to combine shock loading with high-quality technique;
  • The drop sets technique cannot be applied to every exercise, and in certain exercises, the method will be impractical and useless.

Rules for Training with Drop sets

  1. Do not apply the technique to all exercises in the program, remember that in some cases, a drop set on certain muscle groups can affect influence the technique of technically challenging exercises such as squats or deadlifts.
  2. Apply a drop set to one muscle group in one session.
  3. Add drop sets training for lagging muscles in the middle of the session, provided that this muscle group is not involved in the training program. While training the upper shoulder girdle, the drop set can be applied to the lower leg muscles.
  4. Calculate the working weight correctly, there should not be large gaps between the weight of the load, more than 25%, otherwise, the quality and number of repetitions will decrease, and therefore the effectiveness of the drop set will also decrease.

The Best 8 Drop Sets for Different Muscle Groups

1. Drop Sets for Leg muscles

Example for the quadriceps femoris

Extended legs using the classic triple or quad drop sets technique.

How to Do:

  • Do 10 repetitions with a weight of 30 kg;
  • Then reduce the weight to 25 kg and do 10 more reps;
  • Also, decrease the weight to 20 kg and doing reiteration the extension 10 more times;
  • Optionally, you can perform the fourth set with a weight of 15 kg.

2. Hamstring curl workout

Hamstring drop sets Workout
How to Do Hamstring drop sets Workout


Perform leg curls in the machine as in the previous exercises. Likewise, gradually drop weight each set by doing triple or quad drop sets. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.

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3. Drop Sets on the Calves

In this case, it is best to use the reverse drop set method. For example, consider a workout on the lower calves in a seated machine.

seated calf raises drop sets
How to Do Drop Sets seated calf raises
  • Set up a light weight and do 30 reps;
  • Then noticeably increase the load and repeat 4-8 times;
  • Increase the load again and do 1-3 reps.

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4. Drop sets workout on the Shoulders

How to Do, dumbbells lateral fly

How to shoulder drop sets
How to Do shoulder drop sets workout


  • We take 10 kg dumbbells and perform 10 repetitions;
  • Then quickly change the dumbbells to 8 kg, perform another 10 repetitions;
  • Finally take, 6kg dumbbells and do 10 more reps.

This is one drop sets approach. In the same way, you can perform any exercise for all beams of deltas, both with dumbbells and with a barbell.

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5. Drop sets on the Back

In this case, you can apply the drop super sets technique. The superset consists of a lat pulldown and a Low Row.

How to Drop Sets workout for the Back
How to Do Drop Sets for Back
  • Do the first approach of the superset, Lat Pull-Down / Low Row for 10-15 repetitions with a certain weight;
  • Then reduce the weight by 15%, while the pause between sets should not exceed 15 seconds.

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Perform three drop supersets. Rest 2 minutes between sets.

6. Pectoral muscles

Take a dumbbell bench press as an example. Prepare in advance three pairs of dumbbells of different weights, taking into account the proportions.

Pectoral Drop Sets
How to Dp Chest Drop Sets Workout


  • Start the press with the heaviest dumbbells 10 times;
  • Then change the weight without rest and perform 2 more sets according to the classical scheme.

Rest between sets 1 minute.

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7. Biceps

Consider dumbbells curl, if you want, you can do it with a barbell, but changing dumbbells is easier and faster than a weight plates on the barbell.

Drop Sets Workout for Biceps
Drop Sets for Biceps
  • Pick up 3-4 pairs of dumbbells, depending on the type of drop sets workout;
  • Perform a supination bend for 8-10 reps, gradually reducing the weight of the dumbbells according to the classic version.

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8. Triceps

This method can also be applied to any triceps exercise, both crossover and free weights. For example, consider the cable arm extension. Here you can perform both classic drop sets and progressive ones.

How to Do Triceps Drop Sets
Triceps Drop Sets Workout


  • Expose a certain weight, for example, 25 kg, perform 10 repetitions;
  • Then change to 20 kg – 10 reps;
  • Then 15 kg – also 10 repetitions.

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Drop Sets workout can be done for major muscle groups in all types of exercises, which cannot be done with bodyweight. It is important to make a competent program for all muscle groups and apply drop sets as needed, correctly distributing the weight of the load, as required by the type of drop set.


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