3 Tips for Big Triceps Exercises | Guide

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Training Rules

3 Tips for Big Triceps Exercises


In order to increase muscle tone in the triceps, perform a variety of effective exercises. First of all, it is important to choose the right complex, and a coach can help with this, who will assess the degree of the problem and draw up a program taking into account all the features and nuances.

To achieve the result, you must follow the rules of training. Regularity is a fundamental principle. Exercise 2-3 times a week, paying special attention to the problem area. Combine your workout with your chest, biceps, deltas, and back to form your perfect body.

Remember the basic principles of the training process:

  • Do a light workout for 10-15 minutes to prepare the body for the upcoming efforts.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Ensure normal air circulation in the room, drink enough fluid.
  • Perform all movements slowly and with full concentration. Jerks or excessive intensity will not increase efficiency, but will lead to injuries and reduced effectiveness.
  • Be sure to stretch at the end of each approach and at the end of the training. This will increase productivity several times.
  • Rest between sets should not exceed 30 seconds. A break between tasks 1-2 minutes.
  • Perform the planned number of repetitions, but in case of pain or fatigue, do not overload the body.
  • Control your breathing – exhale at the time of exercises, and right inhale with relaxation.


With dumbbells

Triceps exercises for women can be performed using special sports equipment. This improves muscle function and increases the effectiveness of training. You can train in the gym or at home if you have sports equipment of suitable weight.

  • Stand up straight. Take the dumbbell and lift it above your head. Elbow joints should be at ear level. Bend them at right angles, turning the dumbbell behind your head. Straighten your arms, pushing the weighting agent up, and then return to the starting position. Similarly, you can perform extension sitting on a bench with an inclined back.
  • Take a dumbbell in one hand, take a position in an incline, begin to slowly extend your arm at your elbow to a right angle, then return your hand to its original position, perform 3-4 repetitions of 12-8 repetitions
  • Lie on a fitball or sports bench. Take Z-Bar in each hand and bend them at the elbow joints so that the forearms become parallel to the floor. Straighten your limbs, straining the worked out bundles, and then assume the starting position.


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