How to Do Full Arm Workout, Tips, Tutorial Routine

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How to Full Arm Workout

Let’s look at how to do a full arm workout pumping in one workout to get massive hands after half a year of constant training.

How to Do Training Full Arm Workout
How to Do Training Full Arm Workout


Biceps and Triceps are a symbol of general musculature. Any athlete will first show the power of his hands. These muscles are always in sight and therefore almost every man wants his arms to look massive. However, despite the constant build huge in the gym of the arms, few people know what biceps are in general: their structure, anatomy, and function for our body.


The biceps is called the biceps brachii because it has two heads.

  • The long head of the biceps brachii is located on the outside of the arm.
  • The short head of the biceps is located in the inner part.

Both muscles are the same length, regardless of the name. At the top point, they are attached to the coracoid process of the scapula, and at the bottom, to the elbow joint.

To put it simply: the biceps is the volumetric muscle that occupies the upper arm from the shoulder to the forearm.


The biceps and triceps are actively involved in the extension and flexion of the arms at the elbow. These two muscles also aid in the rotation of the forearm and hand. In some cases, these two muscles act as stabilizers, helping to control you or your weight.

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Today we talked about basic training for arms, arms training is best done in combination, biceps, and triceps in one day, this practice was used in training by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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