The Best 10 minute Ab Workout, Benefits, Tutorial Workout

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The Best 10 minute Ab Workout

How to build the best 10 minute Ab workout at home!

ABS Workout Tutorial
ABS Workout Tutorial


How Long Will It Take

You can get your abs toned in 2 months simply by burning off excess fat. Even small ab muscles will be visible if there is no fat on them. On “ab cubes” it will take from 6 months. For a pronounced press, which will show through a small layer of fatty tissue, you need to spend a year. You always need to remember that the key to beautiful abs is the right diet + workout.

How to Get Shredded Abs only 10 Minutes a Day

In the first workout, your muscles are not ready for hard exercise. It is necessary to tone them up and prepare them for full loads with a light set of exercises.

1-2 months of workout

Workout Sets – Reps
Crunch 2 Sets – 30 Reps
Reverse Crunch 3 Sets – 6 Reps
Oblique Crunch 2 Sets – 15 Reps each side


After the first 10 minute ab workout, the muscles will ache for 3-7 days. When the pain is completely gone, repeat the workout. After the second workout, the pain will go away faster, after the third even faster. When the pain begins to pass the next day or stops appearing altogether, move on to the next complex.

3-6 months

Workout Sets – Reps
Crunch Reach Up 2 Sets – 30 Reps
Heel Reach On each side, 3 sets. 30 sec + 30-sec. Rest between reps
Reverse Crunch 3 Sets – 12 Reps
Vacuum 3 sets of 20 seconds


7-12 months

Workout Sets – Reps
Hanging Leg Raises 3 sets of 30 reps
Decline Bench Reverse Crunch 3 sets of 6 reps
V-UP 3 sets of 6 reps
Vacuum 3 sets of 30 seconds
Hanging Knee Raise Twist 3 Sets – Reps 15


What muscles Abs?

The rectus abdominal muscle, the internal oblique muscles, and the external oblique muscles form the abs. For us, from an aesthetic point of view, only the external oblique muscles and the rectus abdominal are important, because these two abs muscles are visible.

What muscles Abs?
abdominal muscle structure


Abs Muscle

It is one long, flat muscle that is separated by tendons. A long bundle of tendons crosses the muscle from the pubic bone below to the sternum above. Several bundles of tendons cross the muscle horizontally.
Because of these intersections, we see “abs cubes”.

The abdomen does not train individually. You can not train the top or bottom separately. The rectus abdominal muscle only works as a whole. Any 10 minute ab workout on the press involves all the "abs cubes" at once.


The rectus abdomen muscle is needed to twist or straighten the body, the press plays a stabilizing role. Therefore, we will do those exercises that maximize the concentration of the load during twisting.

abominal curl
Workout Abs Curl
  1. Lie on your back and bend your knees.
  2. As you inhale, slowly crunch your upper body towards your knees.
  3. At the top point, freeze for a second, additionally straining the abdominal muscles.
  4. On the way out, slowly return to the starting position.

You cannot completely relax and lower your head to the floor. The voltage must be maintained constantly - throughout the entire amplitude.

Reverse crunches

How to Do Leg Raises
Abs Leg Raises


  1. Lie on your back.
  2. Stretch your arms along your torso.
  3. As you exhale, slowly lift both legs up.
  4. Lower as you inhale.


Benefits V-UP Exercise
V-UP Workout
  1. Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees.
  2. Raise your torso and legs off the floor.
  3. As you exhale, slowly Crunch the body and legs towards each other.
  4. While inhaling, return to the starting position.


The vacuum strengthens the rectus abdominal and back muscles. Trains the elasticity of internal organs.
But for us, the main thing is that the vacuum makes the waist thinner. The easiest way to master the vacuum is to stand on all fours.

how to do vacuum
how to do vacuum
  1. Get on all fours.
  2. Relax your back, transfer the weight to the palm of your hand.
  3. Exhale as much as possible and draw in your stomach for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Relax your stomach as you inhale.
  5. You can learn how to make a vacuum while sitting and then standing. After a while, you will notice that in a relaxed state, the stomach does not bulge out and does not dangle.
  6. When you master the technique, you can do this exercise on public transport, at work, at a bus stop. Practice and your waist will get thinner.

| Read more about Stomach Vacuum Exercise

External oblique muscles of the abdomen

The external oblique muscles stretch obliquely from the armpits to the lower abdomen. These are paired muscles that form the lateral parts of the torso. They help us to bend, turn, and maintain correct posture.

Bicycle crunch

The most effective exercise to work your oblique muscles.

how to do bicycle crunch
How to bicycle crunch exercises


  1. Lie on your back.
  2. Raise your torso and legs off the floor.
  3. As you exhale, pull your left elbow and right knee towards each other.
  4. It is important that the body turns diagonally.
  5. Relax as you inhale.
  6. As you exhale, pull your right elbow and left knee.

Fast muscle fibers

The abdominal muscles are composed of fast and slow muscle fibers that respond to different loads.

Fast, or glycolytic, fibers increase in volume from strength training. The exercises should be so hard that after doing 6-12 reps, you can’t do anymore.

  1. 6-12 hard reps to failure
  2. We do abs workout with a full amplitude by touching the floor at the lowest point
  3. We rest a minute or more between sets
  4. 3-4 sets in one exercise

In a 10 minute ab workout, you can do it in the most difficult form for yourself. For example, 6 reps in 3-4 passes for weight-bearing reverse crunches will suffice. This is a hard exercise that will target the extremely fast fibers of your abs.

Slow muscle fibers

Slow or oxidizing fibers are unable to handle heavy loads. They work for endurance and endure long-term work. But this does not mean that the same exercise should be done 50-100 times. An ab workout performs so that the muscle is continuously tense for a long time. Such exercises are called static-dynamic exercises.

  1. Lots of micro-reps 30-50 sec in amplitude;
  2. Constant tension without relaxation at the bottom;
  3. Burning and pain before muscle ab failure;
  4. Rest between sets: 30-50 seconds;
  5. 3-4 approaches, then rest for 5 minutes and can be repeated.

Any exercise can be done in a static-dynamic form. For example, classic crunch. You lie on your back and twist in the segment of the most intense amplitude. Within 30-50 seconds, you do “abs squeeze” within the amplitude. A burning sensation will appear in the muscle.

How to regulate food so that the abs are visible

The abs can be well developed, but in everyday life, it is not visible under the fat layer. In order for the relief of the abs to be visible, you need to reduce the percentage of fat above the rectus and oblique muscles of the abdomen. To do this, you need to consume fewer calories and organize fractional meals.

Reduce your calorie intake

Calculate your individual daily calorie intake with the calorie calculator. Based on the norm, select products and make up a daily diet. This is your starting point. With respect to this diet, you will be able to change foods, reduce or increase the number of calories, depending on the exertion and well-being.

Example of a daily diet

2200 calories for men 1800 calories for women
500 grams of cooked rice 300 grams of cooked rice
1 kilogram of chicken fillet 800 grams of chicken fillet
Daily intake of vitamins and minerals Daily intake of vitamins and minerals
Vegetables and water unlimited Vegetables and water unlimited


Divide your daily diet into 6 meals

Divide the food you have allocated for the day into 6 meals. Breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, late supper shortly before bedtime. You need to eat often and in small portions. The maximum size is 300 g.
For convenience, you can divide your food into 6 small, identical containers. Or 3 containers and there is half of the container at a time.

It is always best to eat at the same time. After a week of such a regime, the body gets used to food intake at certain hours and prepares for this. Digestive juice is secreted in the stomach, salivation increases. The body assimilates food faster and easier. A slight feeling of hunger will appear strictly by the hour. This will eliminate the risk of snacking and overeating. In order not to forget, you can set several alarms.



  • The abdomen will tighten in 2 months. It will take 6 months to see the 6 pack abs.
  • For pronounced abs, you need to spend a year.
  • Before heavy workouts, prepare your muscles with a light set of exercises.
  • The press is not divided into upper and lower. Any exercise pumped the entire abs muscle.
  • Do exercises for fast and slow muscle fibers.
  • Increase the load. If this is not done, the muscles will adapt and the growth muscle process will stop.
  • Reduce your calorie intake.
  • Divide your daily diet into 6 meals.
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