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The 7 minute core workout

Slim hips, tightened arms and a flat stomach – this is what the girls get by doing Kayla’s program. It’s hard to believe, but once the stellar fitness trainer did not have such a seductive figure. But Itchesines found the strength to overcome the child’s ailment and achieve incredible success. The girl told how she managed to make her body impeccable:

“I owe my figure to the diet, and to training, 50/50. Although diet, perhaps, the wrong word – it implies that you should stop eating carbohydrates or fats, for example. And I think that to give up some food is only for ethical reasons or if health requires it. What’s the point in ordering a salad and fish for a couple in a restaurant if you go home and climb the wall – so you want chocolate? All this from a lack of carbohydrates. You have to understand what the body wants.”

The 7 minute core workout!
The 7 minute core workout!

How to pump the press

Plank with a foot touch

Stand in the plank, legs set on the width of the pelvis, lift the pelvis up and the toucher with the left hand of the right foot. Knees do not try not to bend. This is one repetition.
Number of repetitions: 10 for each side.

Plank with a foot touch

Folding Knife

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Tear your feet off the floor for 15cm, press your legs against your chest while the shoulder blades come off the floor. Elbows touch the knees, stay in this position for 1-2 seconds and return to the starting position.

Folding Knife

Spread one’s legs in the plank

Become the plank. Do not bend or round your back, keep it parallel to the floor. From this position, put your feet to the width of your shoulders and then put them together again. This is one repetition.
Number of repetitions: 15.

Spread one's legs in the plank

Climber exercises

Stand in the bar, put your hands at shoulder level. Lift your knees one by one, try to reach them to the opposite hand. Take care not to let the loins small of the back. Gradually increase the tempo.
Number of repetitions: 20.

Climber exercises


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