Man Dies on Bali Island While Doing Squats Exercises in Local Gym

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Bodybuilder Breaks Neck while doing Squats in Bali

Justin Vicky Breaks Neck

On the island of Bali, on July 15, an accident occurred, during a squat with a large weight, local trainer Justin Vicky died at the age of 33.

Justin was originally from East Java, Justin worked as a local trainer, advised clients on nutrition, and had an impressive body.

Justin was a trainer at a local gym in Danau Tamblingan, Sanur which is in Bali. Justin on July 15, 2023 tried to squat with a weight of 180 kg.

The choice of one spotter was a mistake, he belayed it from behind, usually with large weights you need to use 2 or three spotters, where 2 are on each side of the bar and one is behind.

Vicky couldn’t get up with this weight and started to fall back and the bar from the trapezium fell on the cervical vertebra, which led to a neck fracture. According to reports, he did not die immediately and spent some time in the hospital where he died from his injuries.

VIDEO CONTENT WARNING: Some viewers may find the video below disturbing!

The video shows what a fatal mistake the insurer made, the barbell slides on the neck and injures it, thereby breaking the cervical vertebra.

Justin could not be saved, he died in the hospital.

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