How to Alternate Dumbbell Curl

MUSCLES: biceps SETS: 4 REPS: 8-10 REST EACH SET: 2 mins

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How to Do Alternate Dumbbell Curl

Alternate Dumbbell curl – One of the best exercises for working out the biceps muscle (lateral outer).

How to Biceps Workout
How to Biceps Workout


Dumbbell curl – This is an isolating exercise aimed at the elaboration of the muscles of the arms, namely the muscles of the shoulder. Among professional bodybuilders, it is believed that this exercise gives the bicep the so-called “Peak”.

Biceps structure

  • Biceps have 2 heads – long and short head. (Bonus muscle that contracts with biceps is called the brachialis).

• Developed brachialis will give you a huge arm look.

• Train biceps with a variety of shoulder positions, grip, etc…

• It’s a small muscle so don’t overtrain it.

Hit it 2-3 times a week with 6-8 sets per day.

The Technique of Execution Alternate Dumbbell curl

  1. Become straight, arms stretched along the body in each hand dumbbell is the starting position.
  2. Slowly begin to bend your arms in the elbows by lifting a dumbbell with one hand, then there are two options:
  3. You can lift the dumbbell in the wrist with turn;
  4. Raise the dumbbell without a turn in the wrist;
  5. We raise the dumbbell alternately with each hand, two ascents of the right and left are considered one repetition.
  6. Do the required number of repetitions.

Do 3-4 approaches in which there will be at least 10-12 repetitions

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