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Executing Foam-Roll-Outs

Stretching – in any sport is an important element that you need to perform before each training, today we will tell you how to make a loin stretch with the help of a roller. This will help before executing exercises on the back or squat. Similarly, exercises with a roller can be performed to strengthen the abdominal muscles

How to Foam-Roll-Outs
How to Foam-Roll-Outs

Technique of execution Foam-Roll-Outs

Exercise with a roller for the press is not without its own subtleties and nuances, and therefore it is important to know how to properly carry it out. In order to understand this, let’s go through the technique of its implementation step by step.

NOT GOOD Foam-Roll-Outs
NOT GOOD Foam-Roll-Outs


Step # 1.

Put the roller under your hands and occupy the position on the floor, standing on all fours. Place the roller under arms outstretched under your forearms, lock in this position. This is your starting position.

Step # 2.

Breathing in, slowly start straight on rolling the roller forward, pulling your body after him and stretching it. Continue forward as far as you can without touching the floor with your body. After a pause in a stretched position, pull yourself back to its original position, making an exhalation for contraction (rapprochement). Repeat the specified number of times.

Right Foam-Roll-Outs
Right Foam-Roll-Outs

Other options for working with the roller

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