🍑5 Of the Best Exercise for the thighs

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🍑5 Of the Best Exercise for the thighs

🔥 Training the lower body for girls is very important, because the genetic predisposition is related to the excess weight set in the lower part, we will consider 5 exercises that will help keep yourself toned and always be in shape

Best Exercise for the thighs
Best Exercise for the thighs


1) ✅ Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight Squats
Bodyweight Squats

Ordinary squats improve the condition of all leg muscles.


Squat low as you can. But keep your back absolutely straight. The angle of inclination of the back should be approximately the same as that of the shins. Weight distribute evenly between the heel and socks.

✅ One Side Leg Crossover

One Side Leg Crossover
One Side Leg Crossover

First of all, One Side Leg Crossover affect the work the buttocks, namely the middle and small gluteus muscles, the strain of the broad fascia. The load is also obtained by the body stabilizers, namely: oblique abdominal muscles, loins, extensors of the spine. Additionally, the movement involves the small muscles of the legs.


✅ Jump Lunges

Jump Lunges
Jump Lunges👇
  • When lifting up, the thigh is parallel to the floor surface. It is necessary to make sure that the angle between the leg and the body is straight. The angle between the shin and thigh is also
  • Relax your shoulders as much as possible. This is necessary not to overload the back. If you check this, the main load will go to the legs, buttocks and press
  • Bend your arms in the elbows, they should not hang along the body. Bent hands also help to keep the rhythm and control the movements of the legs
  • A little lean forward. This will remove unnecessary load from the waist and back. But do not lean too low


  • First put the foot on the toe, then on the heel. This is the main difference from normal running

✅ Reverse Lunges with Elevated Front Leg 

Reverse Lunges with Elevated Front Leg 
Reverse Lunges with Elevated Front Leg


Traditional Lunges with a barbell or dumbbells are an excellent exercise for pumping the muscles of the legs and buttocks, but they can be harmful to the knee joint. In addition, they perfectly load the large gluteus muscle, but to a lesser extent affect the middle and small. Therefore, it is recommended to use one of the modifications of Lunges, namely, Reverse Lunges with Elevated Front Leg.

🚨 Technique of execution Reverse Lunges with Elevated Front Leg

  • Stand exactly in front of the step-platform or any stable pedestal;
  • Straighten your back and begin to Lunge on the platform due to the efforts of the working foot;
  • After Lunge onto the platform, start descending from it, taking a step backward with the working foot;
  • Perform the required number of repetitions with one and the other leg.

✅ Hip Thrusters

Hip Thrusters
Hip Thrusters


To perform an exercise Hip Thrusters, assume the following position:

  • Lie down on the floor, stretch your arms along the body and press them to the floor with the palms down;
  • legs bend in the knees and pull as close as possible to the buttock area;
  • make sure that your fingers are pointing to the heels;
  • Keep your feet and knees on the width of your hips;
  • densely press the shoulders and the body against the floor surface;
  • slightly lift the socks, placing emphasis on the heels.

🔥 After this, proceed to the exercise: 👇



  1. Raise the pelvis upwards so that the body forms a straight line with the hips. Make sure that the emphasis is on the heels. This is an important condition that guarantees the correctness of the lifting technique and gives the maximum load on the gluteal muscles. Stress in the back you should not feel.
  2. Having reached the top point of movement, maximally strain the muscles of the buttocks. Keep this position for 2-5 seconds.
  3. Control that during the entire exercise, the load should be on the buttocks, and not on the quadriceps. In the latter case, you are obviously doing something wrong.
  4. Drop down slowly for 1-2 breaths, avoid jerking and sudden movements.
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