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Correct execution Stationary Lunges Proper Form with Barbell

Stationary Lunges with a barbell – this is a classic exercise for the development of the hips and gluteal muscles, which is used along with squats and bench presses. The effectiveness of attacks is confirmed by many athletes, the exercise invariably appears in training programs on the lower part of the body, and is often mentioned in books on fitness and bodybuilding.


Stationary Lunges Proper Form with Barbell
Stationary Lunges Proper Form with Barbell


Stationary Lunges a barbell on the shoulders allow you to create a load immediately on several muscle groups. As a result, the exercise is considered basic.

During the movement work:

  • Quadriceps are the largest muscles of our body, extending the legs in the knee joints.
  • Thigh back: hamstrings, semitendinosus and semimembranous muscles. These muscles flex the knee and unbend the hip joint.
  • Large gluteal muscles, which actually form the buttocks. They unbend the body.

Also some load goes to the calves and muscles of the body stabilizers. The cortex muscles are activated actively if you perform an exercise with a free barbell, and you have to balance, among other things. If you make attacks in Smith, the trajectory of the movement of the barbell is fixed, and nothing is needed to stabilize.

Technique of doing the exercise Stationary Lunges

As it was said before, attacks are quite a varied exercise. Therefore, first consider the classical version of its implementation


Stationary Lunges
Stationary Lunges


Initial position Stationary Lunges:

  • Place the bar of the bar on the shoulders just below the neck. Straighten your back, straighten your chest, put your feet a little narrower than your shoulders.
  • Take a wide step forward and lock the position. The working leg should be at full foot, and the support leg should only be on the sock.

Exercise Executing Stationary Lunges:

  • From the initial position on the inspiration, doing the Lunges. Take care that the knee of the working leg does not extend beyond the toe line, and the knee of the supporting leg does not beat against the floor. You should feel the stretch of the back of the thigh and buttocks. The back remains straight during the movement, the natural deflection remains in the lower back.

How to Stationary Lunges Proper Form with Barbell (DON'T)



  • On exhalation due to the efforts of the muscles of the working leg, push yourself up. Movements should be elastic and soft, without jerking.
  • Repeat the required number of times and change the working leg.

How to Stationary Lunges Proper Form with Barbell (RIGHT)



The number of approaches and repetitions in the exercise will depend on your training goals. Typically, the training on gain mass of Lunges are done 10-15 times in 3-4 approaches per leg. If the purpose of training is fat burning, the exercise is performed in a multi-turn mode, i.e., at least 20 times in the approach. Weight, respectively, while decreasing.

Exercise Options Stationary Lunges

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