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Consider the execution of the exercise Dumbbell Reverse Curl

How to Dumbbell Reverse Curl
How to Dumbbell Reverse Curl


Target muscles in Dumbbell Reverse Curl

  • Agonists – brachial muscle, biceps;
  • Synergists are a brachicidal, round pronator.

When the brachial muscle is developed, it seems to push the biceps outward and from this the biceps looks more peak, more enlarged in its size. Dumbbell Reverse Curl must be included in the training program.

Executing exercises Dumbbell Reverse Curl

  • Take in the hands of dumbbells with a Reverse grip (palms look forward).
  • Sit on the edge of the bench (or stay standing). Straighten the body, straighten the shoulders and chest, pull in the stomach;
  • Slightly bend in the lower back, stretch the muscles of the waist and fix this position of the body until the end of the set;
  • Further bending elbows, slowly pull dumbbells up;
  • Do not throw dumbbells high;
  • At the top of the exercise (dumbbells at the top of the chest) palms look forward;
  • Raise two dumbbells at the same time and at a slow pace;
  • During lifting dumbbells to the biceps, fix the elbows on the sides of the torso (they do not move anywhere during the entire movement);
  • When the brushes are at the level of the top of the chest, fix it for a second or two.
  • When exhaling, slowly lower the dumbbells;
  • At the bottom, fully extend your arms;

Tips for doing the exercise Dumbbell Reverse Curl


How to Dumbbell Reverse Curl
How to Dumbbell Reverse Curl


  1. Use a dumbbell weight that allows you don’t to jerk from the starting point of the movement. In addition, the large weight of the dumbbells entails the raising of the elbows.
  2. Keep your torso straight and do not swing. All movement is carried out only in the elbow joint. The rest of the body is always blocked.
  3. Do not chase gaining weight. Heavy projectiles easily injure the elbow joint in this movement.

Perform 3-4 sets of 10-12 times for a maximum, rest between approaches 60-90 seconds.


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