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How to DUMBBELL CUBAN PRESS (Chest & Shoulder Exercise)

How to Cuban press (Chest & Shoulder Exercise)
How to Cuban press (Chest & Shoulder Exercise)


Cuban press – is an exercise for training shoulders and chest, performed with dumbbells or a small weight bar. It helps to strengthen the musculature of the shoulder girdle, work out the relief and make the ligaments more durable and elastic. The latter allows you to avoid injury when performing more difficult exercises, for example, such as an army press.

Technique of execution Cuban press




To begin with, you need to master the simplified variation of the exercise, which is known as the scarecrow. Take the starting position: stand up straight, take dumbbells, spread the shoulders to the sides and bend your arms in the elbows. Raise your shoulders so that they are almost parallel to the floor. The forearms lower down, the angle at the elbows is straight.

Begin to do the exercise:




  • On exhalation, without changing the angle in the elbows, raise your hands with dumbbells first forward, then up. You perform a rotational motion in the shoulder joints.
  • When the arms with dumbbells are at the top point (the shoulders are also parallel to the floor, and the angle in the elbows is straight), fix your position for a few seconds.
  • On inhalation slowly and under control (with the same rotational movement), return to the starting point.

The secret of success in this exercise is the perfect observance of the technique. The Cuban press has a lot of variations. It can be done both standing and sitting. The latter option is simpler, since you do not need to spend energy on maintaining equilibrium. As a projectile fit dumbbells.

Repeat this for total reps 10-12 reps. Perform 3-5 rounds.

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