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Dip Machine Exercise 

What muscles work in Dip Machine?
Exercise Dip Machine very similar to “Push-ups on The Uneven Bars“, the work involves the participation of similar muscles:

  • Basic this triceps;
  • Auxiliary: pectoral muscles, and anterior bundle of deltas;



How to Dip Machine Exercise
How to Dip Machine Exercise


This exercise is an exercise version of Push-ups on The Uneven Bars. Also, the triceps and pectoral muscles perform the main work, and the front sections of the deltas receive a part of the load. But what is the difference between the simulator? As always it is of course the convenience of implementation, which in principle is typical of any simulator. It is more convenient to perform both the movement itself and work with additional weights.

There is no need to put on a special belt, with pendants hanging on it, which, in addition, tend the body forward and shift the load to the chest. In other words, performing push-ups in the simulator makes it possible to concentrate better on the triceps work, in comparison with similar push-ups on the bars.

How to do the exercise Dip Machine

  1. Reliably sit in the simulator, select the required weight and grasp the handle of the simulator.
  2. Hands should be slightly bent at right angles. Do not expose elbows to the sides, during exercises they must move parallel to the body.
  3. When exhaling straining triceps, straighten your arms, applying effort, directed down.
  4. Do not unbend your hands completely, even at the end of the movement they should be slightly bent at the elbows.
  5. When you inhale, slowly return to the starting position, bending your arms.
  6. Carry out the necessary number of repetitions.


exercise Dip Machine
Exercise Dip Machine


Do 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions, rest between approaches should be 60 seconds.

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