Angle Bicep Curl Routine (DB Curl) Netural Grip

Muscular atlas Bicep DB Curl

Exercises with free weights, which is a dumbbell, are a much better option for the development of muscle groups than isolated work on the simulator. Biceps Curl is the basic exercise for the biceps arm muscle, which not only stimulates the biceps, but also indirectly affects the muscles of the forearms.

The muscular ensemble includes:

  • Targeted muscle – biceps;
  • synergists – brachylis (brachial) and brachyradialis (humerus);
  • stabilizers – front delta, top / middle of trapeziums, scapula levator, wrist flexors.

Neutral Angle Bicep Curl Routine

Benefits Neutral Angle Bicep Curl Routine

Performing dumbbell lifts on the biceps, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Isolated study of the biceps arm muscle;
  • general development of the volume of hands;
  • increase in mass and strength of the biceps;
  • the creation of a peak of the biceps (with a certain technique of execution);
  • elimination of muscle imbalance in the development of the biceps of the right / left hands;
  • great variation of exercise.
Neutral Angle Bicep Curl Routine
Neutral Angle Bicep Curl Routine

Technique of execution Bicep Curl Routine

Many may think that the exercise belongs to the class of ease, but this is not so, there are some nuances, and further in the step-by-step guide we will consider them.

Step # 1.

Stand up straight, taking in each hand dumbbells with a grip hammer (palms directed inwards). Keep the elbows close to the body, put your hands slightly back. Strain the muscles of the press, look forward. This is your starting position.

Step # 2.

Inhale. On exhalation due to contraction of the muscles of the biceps, start lifting the dumbbell up, slightly turning it clockwise. After reaching the top point (level of the shoulders), just turn the brush on yourself, thereby effecting supination. Hold in such a shortened position for 1-2 sec, squeezing the bicep. Slowly lower the dumbbells down, taking a breath. Repeat the specified number of times.


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