History of losing weight


My name is Brian, I decided to put myself in shape for Summer and started my move in this direction, read my story and join

As always, the cause of weight gain was erratic and chaotic nutrition throughout the day, hamburgers, pizza, sedentary work. Summer was approaching and I wanted to look on the beach with dignity, and I decided to take care of myself, bought a subscription to the gym and the surf on the Internet came across the site weighteasyloss.com.

Then I found a lot of training programs and also recipes for proper nutrition that I started to try to cook and was pleasantly surprised by the result, my weight fell by 6 kg for 12 weeks, thank you for this site for which I wrote this article, I continue and now study and continue bring yourself in shape, join me and start to practice yourself today, do not put off till tomorrow a trip to the gym!

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