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A selection of Training Materials, articles and trainer observations

The Best Leg Exercises For Men

Muscle-Building Leg Exercises First you need to understand that what suits your friend is not necessarily for you, so ideally you should choose a training...

Best Muscle-Building Leg Exercises | Tips

Best leg muscle exercises Body Relief Many people think that it is enough to perform a greater number of repetitions with light weight for muscle relief...

Legs with Dumbbells Only | Tips

Legs with Dumbbells Exercise with Dumbbell or barbell lunges should be in every training program. But how to do the exercise lunges? There are many options...

Build your Shoulder with | Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press Why is a shoulder press better done with dumbbells than with a barbell How often do you do an army press? Perhaps you like...

How to Build Chest | Tips

Build Chest Every training man wants to have a developed chest. Developed pectoral muscles are a kind of business card, which immediately states that a...

How to Build Bigger Quads | Guide & Tips

Build Bigger Quads There is a hard day of legs in the simulator! If you are ready to challenge, this leg workout for hips and...

Back workout | Pump Back Smartly

Errors of training the back muscles, and their solution The back is the largest and strongest muscle in our body, and the better it is...

Exercises for the Legs and Buttocks | Tips

The set of exercises for the muscles of the legs and buttocks includes: exercises for the quadriceps (muscles of the anterior surface of the...

How to Buttock Exercises for Girls in the Gym

Buttock Exercises for Girls BODY TRAINING PROGRAM - COMPLEXES OF EXERCISES FOR THE GYM If genetics did not reward you with beautiful, elastic buttocks - this...

How Often to Workout Abs | Guide

How many times a week can I pump the abdominal?   How many times a week should I training the abs? Many people want to know...


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