How to Do Chest Workout – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tips, Nutrition

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Chest Muscle Training Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today we will look at two training programs for chest muscles that were used by Mr. Olympia, 7-time Arnold Schwarzenegger. A feature of this program is volume training, as well as a load on the same muscle 2-3 times a week.

Chest Press Arnold Schwarzenegger
Chest Press Arnold Schwarzenegger


A Little about the achievements of Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7-fold Mr. Olympia – 1970-75, 1980:

  • Height – 1.88 meters;
  • Weight – 106 kg;
  • Arm circumference – 56 cm;
  • Chest circumference – 144 cm;
  • Waist circumference – 86 cm;
  • Deadlift – 322 kg;
  • Bench press – 200 kg;
  • Squats – 215 kg.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Nutrition

He compensated for his hard workouts with plenty of good, proper food.

His diet includes:

  1. Arnold tried to take food – 5-6 times a day, of which there were 3 full meals and 2-3 large snacks.
  2. Calories – up to 5000 calories per day.
  3. The amount of protein is more than 350 gr.
  4. After training, he took carbohydrates – and within 30 minutes after training, he also added carbohydrates.
  5. Protein shakes – as needed, to replenish protein reserves per day.
  6. The training program of training from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Each major body part is trained twice a week. This training option is described in the book “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Dobbins.

Try to reach muscle failure in 10 repetitions in each first approach in each exercise.

Today we will consider only training of the pectoral muscles following the example program of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Pectoral Muscle Training Program from Arnold Schwarzenegger

The perfect chest is the muscles in which all three beams of muscle are evenly developed – the lower, middle, and upper chest. The key to this “quality” is a methodically competent approach. Achieve your perfect chest with this explosive pectoral workout program. The main thing is to follow the above “explosive” approach.

Explosive approach

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pectoral muscle training program is based on an “explosive” technique.

How to do it:

1) Incline bench press

The first time, push the barbell as usual. Then slowly lower the weight until the bar touches the top of your chest. Here, linger for a second or two, and with a sharp, “explosive” force push the bar upwards onto straight arms. This technique shocks the pectoral muscles, the main thing is to choose the right weight. The weight should be greater than your work weight. But how much? The rule is that if you are able to lower weight from a top position under control, then you have the strength to push that same weight up.

2) Bench press

  • For the bench press, you will need to adjust the tilt of the bench for presses. pick up weight for barbell what you needed.
  • Lie on a bench for bench press, put down the shoulder blades, lower your shoulders and take the bar with a medium grip.
  • Remove the barbell from the racks. This will be the starting position. Slowly put down the bar to the middle of the chest but don’t touch it. Raise the barbell slowly to its original position.
  • Do the right number of reps. Put the barbell on the racks.


The bench press is a basic exercise for pumping pectoral muscles.

Incline Bench Arnold Press
Incline Bench Press


A few safety tips and techniques for doing the exercise:

  1. When you take the bar, close the grip of your brush. This will prevent the barbell from slipping during the bench press.
  2. During the exercise, do not touch your chest the barbell – this will keep the muscles in tension, and when lifting the barbell do not extend your arms to the end to leave tension on the pectoral muscle, this will provide better pumping.
  3. When performing the exercise, pay attention to the abdominal muscles – they must be tense.
  4. Firstly, it will be easier for you to perform the exercise, lower put down if you suddenly begin to bend.
  5. Watch the speed of lowering the bar – slowly barbell lower down is a very positive effect on the set of muscle mass.
  6. If your goal is to pump up the pectoral muscles and make them as voluminous as possible, try to keep your elbows as far away from the body (on one line), and if your goal is to improve the strength indicators, then stand at the powerlifter’s bridge, the angle of inclination should be about 120.

3) Pull-over

The pullover was often done after multi-rep squatting with a barbell. This combination of this exercise increased the volume of the chest. It was performed both with a barbell and with dumbbells.

How to Do Pull-Over

How to Do:

  • The movement must be very slow.
  • You can do the pullover with your eyes closed to make it easier to focus on the stretch of the muscles and chest.
  • Hands should be lowered to parallel with the floor or slightly lower. The sinking depth should remain comfortable, while you should feel a powerful stretch.
  • At the bottom, pause briefly.
  • The lungs should expand from a deep breath.
  • Then begin raising your arms to the starting position while simultaneously exhaling all the air.
  • The upward movement should be just as slow.
  • Remember that how you breathe is important here, and not how much weight you perform on the pullover.


  • When performing pullovers, do not arch your back and neck.
    Curvature in the cervical spine under load (albeit a small one) with a one-time accidental jerk can pinch a nerve.
  • Do not try to drop the weight as low as possible. Longtime athletes have performed this exercise while lying on the floor and have achieved remarkable results.

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Pectoral training program from Arnold Schwarzenegger

#1 Week Chest Day

Chest Muscle Exercises Set Approach
Incline Chest press 1 25
1 15-20
1 10-12
1 4-6
Seated Chest Press 1 20
1 10-15
1 8-10
1 4-6
Peck Deck (Machine fly) 1 30-40
1 15-20
1 15-20
1 10-15

#2 Week Chest Day

Chest Muscle Exercises Set Approach
Incline Chest Press 1 15
1 12*
1 8*
Seated Chest Press 1 15
1 12*
1 8*
Peck Deck (Machine fly) 1 15
1 12*
1 8*


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