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3 Best Chest Muscle Training: Favorite Training Arnold Schwarzenegger

3 Best Favorite Chest Training Arnold Schwarzenegger Is your chest more like a woman’s than a man’s? Enough tolerating this! Take advantage of the set...

How To Do Proper Upper Chest: Tips & Guide

How To Do Proper Upper Chest The pectoral muscles are attached to the sternum and upper part of the humerus. Their function is to bring...

Bench press: Proper Form, Technique

Bench press (horizontal bench): Proper Form, Technique Despite the wide popularity and simplicity of the bench press, the vast majority of athletes do not even...

Grow Chest Muscles: Why Your Chest Isn’t Growing, Tips & Benefits

How to Grow Chest Muscles If your chest muscles do not want growth, then this article will help you, where we'r collected the most popular...

Training Program for Pectoral Muscle Mass

Any newcomer who comes to the gym, sets the main goal of pumping biceps and pectoral muscles. And if with biceps everything is more or less clear, then with pectoral muscles there comes a complete misunderstanding of how to swing them. And the main mistake here is the abuse of the bench press. The bench press itself is a good basic exercise that loads the pectoral muscles, triceps and the anterior deltoid bundles. However, pumping the chest...

How To Do The Narrow-Grip Bench Press – Technique & Variations

Narrow-Grip Bench Press In our article on the narrow-grip bench press, we will consider the following aspects: Narrow-grip bench press technique; Typical mistakes of beginners; ...

Bench Press – Before & After

🚨 Bench Press - Before & After  Bench press - a basic exercise for pumping and grow of the chest and arms. This is an...

How to Do Barbell Press VS Dumbbell Press, Tips

How to Do Barbell Press VS Dumbbell Press Basic exercises such as Barbell Press VS Dumbbell Press and should be essential exercises for your workouts....

How to Do Chest Dips Workout | Video & Guide

How to Chest Dips Workout With Chest dips workout on uneven bars with the right technique you can pump your pectoral muscles, triceps, and more...


🚨 TUTORIAL CHEST EXERCISES 🔴 What’s the smallest, fastest piece of advice you can give somebody who’s just approaching the bench press, when you don’t...

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Start Losing Weight: She Lost Weight from 115 to 64 kg.

My Start Losing Weight Story My name is Masha I am 41 years old and this my start losing weight story. I have already lost...