Bench press: Proper Form, Technique

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Bench press (horizontal bench): Proper Form, Technique

How to Bench Press
Bench Press – Guide


Despite the wide popularity and simplicity of the bench press, the vast majority of athletes do not even know what muscle groups he loads, not to mention how to perform it correctly.

Our today’s article will concern the correct technique for performing the bench press in bodybuilding, that is, from the point of view of pumping muscles, and not a power result. Meanwhile, the powerlifting technique in bodybuilding is significantly different from the classical one, highlighting weight gain rather than muscle development. Therefore, we will not deal with the powerlifting bench press, which has its own differences, within the framework of this article.

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What muscles work in the bench press?

  1. Muscles of the chest (large and small pectoralis);
  2. Anterior bundles of deltoid muscles;
  3. Triceps;
  4. Jagged and coraco-brachial muscles.

Technique bench press


  • Take a lying position on a bench for a bench press;
  • Grasp the bar with a direct grip, with your hands at a level slightly wider than the width of the shoulders;
  • Remove the bar from the supports racks and begin to lower it to the middle of the chest;
  • Powerful force squeeze the barbell up;
  • Do the planned number of repetitions.

Practical tips and tricks

  1. Before performing the bench press lying, without fail, perform 2-3 warm-up approaches, this will reduce the risk of injuries and increase the efficiency of working approaches;
  2. When doing the bench press, try only to lightly touch the chest, without trying to spring the bar away from the chest;
  3. Be sure to use the spotter, accustom doing bench pres only in the presence of the one who insures you.
There are several modifications of the classic barbell bench press:
  • Bench press on a horizontal bench – this type of bench is aimed at developing the middle of the pectoral muscles;
  • Bench press on an inclined bench (head up) – this kind of bench press makes you shift the emphasis of the load on the upper region of the pectoral muscles;
  • Bench press on an inclined bench (head down) – such a bench is aimed at developing mainly the lower chest area;


  • Bench press with a narrow grip – this exercise allows you to shift the emphasis of the load on the triceps.
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