Seated Dumbbell Row (Back)

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Seated Dumbbell Row (Back)💥

Seated Dumbbell Row (Back)

This is a great back exercise that you could do at almost any gyms. BUT, people more often turn it into a bicep exercise than back exercise 😥

❌ DON’T pull the weight through your hand (Note the acute angle in the elbow)
❌ DON’T pull the weight OUT away from your body
❌ DON’T look UP into the mirror (Excess pressure on neck)

✅ DO pull the weight through your elbow (Note the wider angle in the elbow)
✅ DO pull the weight IN towards your body
✅ DO look DOWN to keep your neck neutral with your back

This exercise done properly adds thickness to your back. How would you know if you’re doing it wrong?? If your biceps are more tired than your back 😬

Like and tag a friend who’s been doing it wrong!!! 🙅🏻‍♂️

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