🔥Free Weights & Machines Choise

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🔥Free Weights & Machines the Choise

Free Weights
Free Weights


🏪 In most gyms you will see a combination of free weights and machines. Some people opt more towards the free weights section, whilst others prefer to use more machines to get their pump. But which ones better for building muscle and who are they suited for?

🥅 Ultimately who they are best for is dependant on the person and their goals along with their experience in the gym.

Leg Press Machine
Leg Press Machine

🤖 Machine based movements can be a great tool for people new to the gym who don’t know how to execute free weight movements effectively yet. Due to the fixed nature of the movements there is less room to go wrong with the technique. On the other end of the spectrum, machines are also a fantastic tool for bodybuilders and those concerned with aesthetics. They really allow you to focus on one muscle and put a lot of tension through that targeted muscle.


⚓️ Free weights are a great tool because they are more practical for every day life movements and they help to build functional strength. They are also a great tool for athletes as they allow you to train in similar ways which are specific to their sport. They are also essential for bodybuilders and for aesthetic purposes. A strong muscle has the potential to be a BIG muscle, so heavy compound movements using free weights is essential to help build mass.

Bench Press
Bench Press

💅🏼 For people training for more aesthetic purposes and to look good, then i would highly recommend starting your workout with the use of freeweights, based around large compound movements. So your squads, deadlifts, rows, presses etc. Towards the later stages of your workout by all means add in some isolation work and utilise the benefits of machines. New to the gym and not feeling confident in the free weight section? Then by all means master machines first. However think about hiring a PT to teach you the correct technique in the free weights section, machine will only take you so far!


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