💪How to Pull Up

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🔥 STRUGGLING TO GET YOU FIRST MUSCLE UP? Stop treating it like a pull up!

How to Pull Up
How to Pull Up

✅ Probably one of the coolest calisthenics movements (in my opinion), and probably one exercise that everybody wants to learn regardless of the sport practiced.
Recently this year my gym bros started learning muscle ups, and so I joined them.
However, no matter how many pull ups I could do, I simply couldn’t get my self over the bar, and that’s because I was doing something wrong technique wise. Quite in fact, once I understood it, I finally learned how to do the movement.


✅ Even though I’m not an expert at it I can say with certainty that performing the muscle up is mostly about technique than actual strength, and that if you can already do maybe 10 pull ups and a few straight bar dips you’re probably already capable of doing one.
Now, in this post I’ll be covering just ONE tip that can help you out on understanding the movement but if you guys want me to dive into a full blown Tutorial for the Muscle Up, just let me know in the comment section below by spamming it.

🚨 Anyway: stop trying to pull yourself up Vertically and understand how to use momentum, in a circular motion, to your advantage:
A proper muscle up requires swinging (atleast until a certain point) to be able to pull yourself up over the bar; and that has to happen at the right timing of the swing, explosively.

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