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🔥 Six Pack Bicpes Exercises

Six Pack Bicpes Exercises
Six Pack Bicpes Exercises


✅This exercise is the most popular for biceps muscles. There are several variations – can be performed with a barbell (with both straight and curved bar) and with dumbbells.


  1. Stand up straight, take the dumbbells with a closed grip. Starting position: arms shoulder width, elbows close to the body.
  2. On the exhale – holding the upper parts of the arms motionless (from the elbow to the shoulder), bend the arms in the elbows with the effort of the biceps. Only forearms work.
  3. Flexion should continue until the moment when the dumbbells are at shoulder level. At the top point it is worth lingering, while straining your biceps.
  4. While inhaling – slowly lower the gintels to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary.


Instructions wrong technique:

✅№1. Wrong grip.

Very wide grip or the one in which the hands are in pronation. For most people, an average shoulder width grip will work best.

✅№2. Wrong breathing technique.

Inhale before dropping down, otherwise there is a risk of a chest injury (when push-ups with an emphasis on the chest). Keep your chest full during descent and at the beginning of an upward rise.

✅Number 3. High speed execution.


For the most part, the exercise must be performed slowly and under control, rather than throwing your body up and down. Each descent and ascent should take at least 2 seconds. A delay at the lowest point of the amplitude should also be present. Never relax at the lowest point, hold tension.


🔥 Hummer Curls

  • Do not move your elbows and do not swing the body – so you will not lift the dumbbells with muscle force, but due to inertia – this reduces the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • If you do an exercise hammer sitting on the power bench, then lean on the back (at a 90 degree angle) – so you will not swing.
Hummer Curls
Hummer Curls
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