How to Do Barbell Press VS Dumbbell Press, Tips

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How to Do Barbell Press VS Dumbbell Press

Basic exercises such as Barbell Press VS Dumbbell Press and should be essential exercises for your workouts. These are the basic exercises for building pectoral muscle mass.

How to dummbell press VS barbell press
Difference from dummbell press VS barbell press


In the arsenal of training chest muscles, there are two effective basic exercises – this is a bench press dumbbell and bench press.

I had to see a lot of debate about which of these exercises is the most effective. Some athletes says that only the dumbbell bench press allows shock pumping of the chest, while others said that the classic bench press pump the chest muscles is better.

Which exercise on chest is better

Barbell press

The traditional bench barbell press is the most popular basic exercise for pumping the chest.

What muscle work:

  • Middle chest, upper chest;
  • Anterior Deltoid bundles;
  • Triceps.
how to barbell press
how to do barbell press

This exercise is a indicator of athlete strength – they say that the more you press, the more respect you enjoy from athletes.

In addition, the traditional bench press well grow a lot of pectoral muscle, especially when using it not only on horizontal but also on inclined bench.

Dumbbell press

The bench dumbbell press is the same basic exercise as the barbell bench press, but it is more functional.

Using dumbbells forces the body to include small stabilizer muscles in its work, which significantly complicates the exercise, forcing you to use less than the working weight of the barbell.

how to dumbbell press
how to do dumbbell press

In addition, due to the free trajectory of movement, the dumbbell press leads to a stronger and more targeted contraction of the pectoral muscles (due to the reduction of arms).

That is why this exercise better increases the muscle mass of the chest and significantly increases your strength indicators in the classic bench press due to the development of small auxiliary muscles.

Benefits Barbell Press VS Dumbbell Press

Comparing the dumbbell bench press and the bench press, we can see advantages of dumbbells over the barbell. However, this does not mean that the traditional bench press is worse than the dumbbell.


In your sports practice, it is recommended to use both types of bench press on the same training program.

If you are a powerlifter, then after doing the bench press, go to the dumbbell bench press chest muscle and perform 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

If you are interested in muscle mass growth and muscle relief use a dumbbell bench press immediately after performing a normal bench press, in a heavy power manner – 3-4 sets of 8 reps. To pump the top or bottom of the pectoral muscles, do the dumbbell bench press in an inclination.

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