🔥How to Get Bigger Calves | Guide

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🚨 How to Get Bigger Calves👇

✅ Calves are one of the toughest body parts to develop. Part of the reason is they are fairly dependent on your genetics (to a higher degree than most muscles in my opinion) and they also get trained incorrectly. ✅ I’d like to think I have pretty decent calves so I’ll share 3 tips on what has helped me the most. Number 3 is the most crucial.


How to Get Bigger Calves
How to Get Bigger Calves


1. ✅ Frequency: Train your calves at least 2-3 times per week with 4-8 sets each workout. You can even do calves at the end of every single workout. Your calves are used to a heavy workload since you’ve been walking on them your whole life. They can handle the work and you won’t be overtraining them.

2. ✅ Form: Make sure you are actually using your calves when you do calf raises. Slow and controlled on the way down and pause for a second at the top. No bouncing or using momentum. Your calves are a small muscle and it’s very easy to cheat and take the emphasis off them by letting your ego get in the way.


Get Bigger Calves
Get Bigger Calves


3. ✅ **Huge Drop Sets**: This is the single technique that has helped my calves the most. On your last set of calf raises, choose a weight you can hit for 8-10 reps. Do a drop set and on the drop set count 3 second negatives and pause for a second at the top of each rep. Go to failure and then do another drop set doing the same thing. Do 3 or 4 of these drop sets with the 3 second negatives and 1 second pause at the top with each set to failure. The set should take a few minutes, your calves will be burning, and it will be the sickest pump you’ve ever gotten. Do this at least twice per week and your calves will grow. If you need a demonstration and further explanation, check out the video on My YouTube.

Calves Exercises Tips
Calves Exercises Tips


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