Pectoral Training Program for Chest Mass, Benefits, Tips

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Pectoral Training Program for Chest Mass

Let’s take a look at the best exercises and write a training program for pectoral muscles.

Build Chest - Perfect Exercises


Any newcomer who comes to the gym, sets the main goal of pumping biceps and pectoral muscles. And if with biceps everything is more or less clear, then with pectoral muscles there comes a complete misunderstanding of how to pump them. And the main mistake here is the abuse of the bench press.

Features of the Training

The bench press itself is a good basic exercise that loads the pectoral muscles, triceps, and the anterior deltoid bundles. However, pumping the chest alone will not succeed.

Many do not understand this, continuing to push the barbell every day, mistakenly believing that the increase in strength in the bench press. This is will certainly affect the set of muscle mass, but this does not grow the size of the chest muscle.

Before go to pumping a mass of pectoral muscles, you need to remember once and for all that the bench press is only one of the exercises on the chest, and not the only true way to gain weight.

How to Pump Chest?

For effective training of the pectoral muscles for mass, it is necessary to provide such a load regime in which the main factors of muscle growth will be performed. Thus, the following principles will be the basis of the training:

  • The use of 2 basic exercises performed in a high-intensity mode – 6-8 reps;
  • The use of 2 isolated exercises performed as efficiently as possible, with a small working weight, in a large number of repetitions – 12-15;
  • Using chest muscle stretching exercises after a workout;
  • Following these principles of training, we create the necessary load and conditions for the growth of muscle mass of the chest. More details about this process can be found in the article – “The main factors of muscle growth: scientific evidence.”

Training program for pectoral Muscle Mass


Knowing the basic principles of our future pectoral training program, we need to choose basic and isolated exercises for the chest. This is article will help us with this:

  • Best basic exercises for the pectoral muscles;
  • The best-isolated exercises for the pectoral muscles;

After choosing basic and isolated exercises, you need to combine them into a training complex:

Exercises Approaches Repetitions Rest between sets
Bench press 3 4 3 min
Dumbbell bench press 3 8 3 min
Crossovers on the upper blocks 3 12 2.5 min
Laying dumbbells lying 3 15 2.5 min
Stretching the pectoral muscles 3-4 min


You can also read the article: 3 Best Chest Muscle Training

Tips, How to Chest Training Program:

Let’s break down the best ways to use when training your pectoral

How to Do Training Pectoral Muscle
How to Do Training Pectoral Muscle


  • Perform this pectoral training program once a week – either on a separate day, or on the day of training the back, or on the day of training the biceps;
  • The total duration of the complex is 6 weeks, after which it is necessary to switch to another training complex;
  • Properly calculate the working weight in the basic exercises – remember that the optimal working weight is the one with which you can master only the required number of repetitions or one repetition more than the required one;
  • In isolated exercises, use such a working weight with which you can perfectly perform 12-15 working repetitions;
  • After training, do not forget to take protein and creatine.
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